Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Few Hugs for Murdoc

Having only about half an hour to spend volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society, I decided to take  Murdoc out in the play area and snap a few photos while he did some running around.

He spent the first few minutes sniffing out all the nice smells.  Soon he noticed the space under the gate.  This quiet dog came to life and in two seconds flat was on his belly trying to escape.  So needless to say a fenced in yard would be best for him.

Taking photos of other dogs the yesterday was a struggle due to the treat bag.  Although, Murdoc loved the treats and took them gently, it was not his main focus.  What was his main focus was me; which made taking photos a bit of a challenge - when photographing anything, you need your subject at least a foot away from you.  If not, you get the big nose look :)

At one point I just sat down to get low and Murdoc came and sat right next to me.  After this, we just sat there giving each other big hugs - well, I was the one doing most of the hugging and he was the one breaking my heart.  Who can resist a dog that needs a hug so desperately that he will forgo playtime.

Well you probably guessed it, Murdoc is back in his kennel waiting for somebody with hugs to spare to come and adopt him.  He is a two year old Beagle Mix - I would say the mix part is full of love!