Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day Out for Brady and Boston

After many months of Blog Neglect, I couldn't help but feature these two sweet dogs.  I had more then my share of fun today and I will let the dogs speak for themselves:

Hey my name is Brady (no relation to Tom) and I am a really well behaved six year old beagle.  Rumor has it that I am quite vocal, but while out today I showed no signs of this.  I did whine a bit, but you would to if you wanted to smell all that Petco had to offer and the Mrs just wanted to stand around talking.

Well enough about me and more about my day!  I will say that I loved riding in a car with my head out the window and my ears flapping in the breeze.  I loved Petco and all the smells they had to offer!  I met other dogs and did the sniffing thing and really liked that.  I love the outdoors!  FYI - being in the outdoors and having a sniffer like mine could get me into trouble unless I was in a fenced in yard or on leash.  Oh yeah, I walk really well on leash.

So if you are looking for a really well behaved beagle, do not hesitate to stop by the Bangor Humane Society  to check me out.  I don't think you will be disappointed!

Now is my turn to tell about me and my day.  My name is Boston and I am a very low key kinda guy.  I am a huge lab mix, but am very easy to control ~ meaning I never pull and walk very well on leash.  The only problem you may have with my size is if you own a small sports car ~ but I will say even if you do, I can adjust.  I experienced this today and looked at the Mrs like seriously, you expect me to fit in that?  With a little maneuvering, I was in and loved the ride.  Where to you may ask?  PetSmart, where we were greeted with many smells, other dogs and  loads of folks wanting to know more about me.

You may also want to know more about me.  I am six years old and have a problem with my thyroid.  On my meds I am one handsome guy, but when I am not taking them I have horrible skin and eye issues.  FYI - I can not control whether I take my meds or not, that is up to my owners.  My previous owners did not think it was as much of an issue until things got out of control ~ that's when they brought me here.  At this time, I am looking pretty good with the exception of some extreme dandruff and am still improving.

A few more things that I love are snow, treats and being brushed.  So if you are looking for a great dog with incredible manners, I may be the dog for you.  Don't forget, my skin issues will only get better with proper care!