Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dog's Day Out for Chuck

If you have been to the Bangor Humane Society in the last few months, you have probably seen a dog with marble eyes.  Well that dog is me - Chuck.  I am what they call a long term resident.  There have been other great dogs written about on this blog who have also been long term residence.  We all remember Jack, Vicki and Bubba - all great dogs that took a little longer then norm to find the perfect home.  Well that's me - just hanging out here waiting for the perfect match.

Enough about me and more about me day out:

It started out with having a harness put on me.  I will say that a harness makes a dog feel like the human is in control and makes a dog not want to pull so much.  While on dog-walk here at the shelter, I give the workers a true workout - meaning I pull quite a bit.  But once that harness was put on me, I slowed right down and enjoyed the walk.

I will say I love car rides.  Especially sticking my head out the window - just head, no body:)  I think I would have really liked a car with windows in the backseat - but at this point I am not going to be choisy. 

Our walk went great with me sniffing and then watering every thing in sight (if you get my drift).  I will say that I only watered the green stuff - never tires like some dogs do.  While out we met many people and dogs.  The Mrs always started out cautiously, since word is that I may not care for other dogs (obviously, I wasn't aware of this today).  Today I fell for all dogs and most people. 

While on our walk, I did have one person spook me.  She was the lady in the caretakers building.  I was looking at that building like it would be a nice place to visit and then out of nowhere up pops a head.  Boy, was I spooked.  I started barking; trying to say stay away.  This women really wanted to meet me, but new that I was quite nervous.  This is when the Mrs distracted me by having me show my stuff - I know sit, stay, down, paw and a whole lot more.  As with most dogs, a treat is in order after such a performance.  That's when the lady slowly approached me and gae me lots of reassuring pats.  After this, I decided it would be fun going in her building.  That's when she suggested my name should be Snoopy.

Speaking of names - my name is Chuck.  Not a bad name, but if you decided you liked something else I could adjust.  Somebody on the trail mentioned they would name me Mesmer, since my eyes are quite mesmerising.  FYI - I am not blind.  I just have very different eyes or you may say special.  They make me look a bit loco, but I'm not.  I am just a great well behaved pit bull looking for a forever home.

Further down the trail, we met a woman who had two collie rescues.  We did a bit of meet and greet then continued our walk with them.  The Mrs and this woman got to walking and talking about everything from shelter dogs to art - and us dogs just walked along enjoying each others company and sniffing all there was to sniff.  Word has it that these dogs don't know how to play - I did a few play bows and they just looked at me.  I did say that there was a lot of talking going on - well so much that we lost track of time.  We spent over half an hour with them and then realized time was running out and we needed to get going.  Speaking of running - we had to run all the way back to our car!!! 

Well back at the shelter waiting for the perfect home.  Please remember that looks aren't everything - behind these crazy eyes of mine is a very well behaved dog who would love to be loved.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Down, Two to Go!!!

On Sunday one of the staff members at the Bangor Humane Society took Sunny to the WeinerFest.  She had a spendid time and got to show her stuff.  Good news was that she met her new owners there!  Yes, that's right - Sunny is no longer available for adoption.

I, Jax, on the other hand am still hanging out waiting for somebody to come in and fall in love with me!!!  Today was pretty special.  Two volunteers came in to walk dogs prior to the doors to the shelter being closed for the night and you guessed it - they both picked me.  The second one did not realize that I had already been out, but I think secretly she would have taken me any ways.  It was the Mrs and I know she is madly in love with me.  We played ball - I will retreive and leave it.  We hugged - this is the part she loves and I don't mind it either.  We just ran around and had a grand time.  I think I love people and other dogs - did I mention the other dog I played with through the fence.  As I said, this was a great time.  Now I'm just hanging out waiting for that certain someone. 

By the way - Harley is also hanging out waiting for his forever home!!! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo Shoot for Harley

Today was the day for me to get my photo done for PetFinder and I will say this "I do not like cameras and I do not like having my photo taken!"  You wouldn't know it by the looks of the photos on this blog, but you should have seen those that were not published - not good:(

We went to the Bangor City Forest and did a bit of walking prior to the camera being brought out.  I am very STRONG, so my advice for you is to invest in a harness.  I do not pull unless I see something I want and then I just pull very hard - not out of control  pulling such as a lab, just very deliberate.  This being said, our walk today was cut short since the Mrs did not have a harness.  I know with a harness things would have been different.

A little about me - I am a friendly nine year old pitbull who was surrendered because my family was having some issues and didn't have a place for me to live.  I am really not happy about being here at the shelter and am anxious to find my next forever home.  This week I was seclected to appear on  Channel 5's Pet of the Week.  If you watch this, you will note that I am very stressed in front of the camera. 

One last thing - car rides are great, but I would love to be one of those irresponsible dogs and hang out the window - like with my body half out!  The Mrs put a stop to this immediately:(, but I did enjoy the ride even though.  Well back at the shelter and I am patiently waiting for my forever home!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day Out for Jax!!!

You may remember me hanging out at the Bangor Humane Society a few months ago - back then my name was Cadbury.  Well I'm back here again due to the fact that the folks who adopted me were both teachers.  Our summer was spectacular, but once school started it was determined that I have a bit of separation anxiety - well maybe more then a little.  So if you are the type who hangs out at home or you could take a dog to work with you - I may be just the dog for you!!! 

Today we went for a walk in the Bangor City Forest.  I love smells, people, children and affection.  Today consisted of all of these.  I walk very well on leash - only pulling if I saw a dog that looked like he might want to meet me.  Most of the time I was asked to sit and bribed with a treat - and yes I obeyed:)

I will say while on our walk I found the smells very distracting.  I actually had to be coaxed along at times, because otherwise we could have ended up there until dark.  If you wanted a dog to run with, I may be that dog because once I'm running we are just flying by those nice smells.  But walks turn into strolls; which turn into lingering over all those smells.

We did meet up with children who were very interested in patting me.  That was great!!!  They asked the Mrs if I could shake paws - boy was she surprised when I raised my paw up for them.  Oh and by the way I did expect a treat for this performance:)  I love treats more then anything and I will say I love most things!

The afternoon ended with the Mrs and me just hanging out in the field enjoying our last few minutes together.  Did I mention that she loves hugs as much as I do - especially those from a pit as affectionate as I am.  I know I will be one of those special dogs that will always have a place in her heart. 

Well I am back at the Bangor Humane Society just waiting for the perfect home.  The folks here all love me too and are really crossing their fingers that I am out of here sooner then later.

Dog's Day Out for Sunny

I was the first dog to participate in Dog's Day Out today and I loved it.  I am a female beagle / dachshund mix who loves people.  I am very social and that is one reason I was surrendered by my previous owners.  They thought it was perfectly okay to leave a dog like me outside by myself.  I didn't think so and did more then my share of barking to let them know this. 

Our first stop was a quick trip to the Littlefield's home.  Did I say that I liked people more then I like dogs.  On the other hand, the Littlefield's dog Lola likes dogs who prefer her over people - mainly her owners.  Well that being said, we didn't see eye to eye so our visit was cut short. 

Next stop - Bangor City Forest!!!  I think I love smells as mush as I love people.  The walk was great, no pulling for me.  We met other dogs and I didn't appear to keen on these encounters.  But I will say meeting other people of all types was something I enjoyed.  I was very well behaved - never jumping. 

At one point we met a little boy who was full of hugs - this was great!!!  I truly love children and I really love hugs.  My profile at the Bangor Humane Society says that I get along with kids, cats and dogs.  My experiences with dogs today might be due to the fact that I wasn't feeling quite up to par.  You see I was fixed yesterday and I may have not been in the mood to run and play with other dogs.

On the way back to the shelter, I took the opportunity to stretch out in the front seat using the console for my head rest.  Oh one last thing - I love car rides.  So if you are looking for a small dog with short legs, who loves to go for walks and smell all the good smells, who loves to go for car rides, who loves hugs especially from children - I could be the dog for you.  I am hanging out in the small dog room at the Bangor Humane Society or check me out on PetFinder