Sunday, November 23, 2014

Overnight for Boston

My name is Boston and I am a three and a half year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix.  If I were to pick my perfect match, it would a family:  
  • Where the number one human is female ~ I am very timid around men.  
  • That likes the great outdoors ~ especially hiking.  
  • Where I can be the only furry member ~ I like other animals, but enjoy not having to share my time.  
  • There are no children under 12 ~ I am attracted to children and love their attention, but may not know how to deal with them getting more attention than me.

Enough about me and more about my time away from the shelter.

I love riding in a car and settle right in.  I like looking out the window, but did not try to roam around.

We went to the Farmer's Market and that was a bit overwhelming for me.  I do not believe I had ever seen so many friendly people, dogs and children.  Folks were told to approach me with caution and that made me a lot more comfortable.  I even let a few men pat me ...but will say their wives were my favorite.  A few small dogs wanted to say hi and that went splendidly.  I was attracted to children, but the small ones were told to go pat Lola (the Littlefield's dog) since I was a bit nervous with all of the goings on.  However; a young girl in her early teens approached slowly and I rewarded her with a kiss.

Did I mention that I like furry friends?  The Littlefield's have a bunny and I loved playing with him.  He was on the inside of the ex-pen and we ran back and forth after each other.  I thought I was in love with him ....until the Mrs. decided to show him a little attention.  Not fair ...I need all of the attention.  After this, I didn't want to look at Bunny.

Lola is a bit standoffish and wouldn't give me the time of day.  That didn't bother me though, because it meant more attention from the main person (the female) for me!  FYI ~ After spending the day and overnight, I decided to show Lola that I was top dog.  I got on top of her ...and the rest is history.  Lola, again, didn't give me the time of day ...but the Mrs. did and she wasn't smiling.

She also wasn't smiling when she found that I had been sneaking off and using a spare room as the bathroom even though I had been given plenty of opportunity to go out.  My previous owner gave me mixed messages by letting me go inside on paper.  I think I am plenty smart enough to be taught to go outside.  When I saw Lola doing her business outside, I followed what she did and got huge praises.

Love the outdoors.  I could have stayed outside forever.  I am well behaved on leash with just a little pulling.  An Easy Walk Harness may be a good investment (click on the word and it will take you to Amazon.  This would prevent me from pulling and make our walks that much more enjoyable.

Now for the topic which makes me nervous ~ Men.  If they have a very yummy treat, I may show interest
...but I am mostly interested in the treat.  Last night, I was treated with a Frosty Paw by the man.  At that time, I started looking like we would be friends.  But it didn't last long.  I could easily live in the same house with a man, but would hope I wouldn't have to be his best friend.  I find myself attracted to females.

I love toys and Lola had a full box full.  My previous owners said that I tore my toys up.  This weekend there was none of that.  I will say that there was opportunity, since many toys had already started having stuffing taken out by previous guests.

Did you know that the Mrs. is obsessed with taking photos of furry friends?  Her newest project is trying to get Christmas Cards.  Bunny failed ...and she thought I would do much better.  NOT!  Oh well, it made her happy and I got to find a really funny stuffed toy in the box.  Almost, looks like Santa was giving it to me.

As you can see, I was extremely busy.  My breed would suggest that I would be out of control busy, but that's not the case.  Just busy!   ...and in no time I was tired!!!

If you are interested in adopting a great dog like me, contact the Bangor Humane Society today!