Sunday, September 22, 2013

You Snooze ~ You Lose

It's been a while since I have taken a dog for a day out from the Bangor Humane Society.  I couldn't resist taking this little Pappillon/Chihuahua Mix named Zac for a day of Farmer's Market, playing with Lola and just smelling the flowers.  The good news is that he was adopted yesterday afternoon ...and the bad news is this cutie is NO LONG AVAILABLE for adoption ...and the good news is that there are plenty of incredibly sweet dogs available for adoption.  

If you (or know of someone who is) interested in adopting a dog, please stop by the Bangor Humane Society soon! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wonderful Dogs Available for Adoption

After this morning's Dog Walk, I couldn't resist but get out my camera and capture some photos of these incredible dogs.  I forgot how much fun it was for me and the dogs.  I usually end up rolling around on the ground and had more than a few dogs let me know that they were lap dogs ~ even though they were a little bit bigger than my lap.

...and before I could write a little something about these wonderful dogs, two of them have found their forever homes!

Rodge is a Doberman/Greyhound Mix and has been ADOPTED!  I fell in love with this dog the minute he sat in my lap.  Congratulations to his new family ~ I'm sure you made an excellent choice by adding this fun-loving dog to your family.

  Izzy is a 5 year old Pit Bull Mix.  It's always sad when a dog returns to the shelter, but sometimes things happen in life in which the dog has no control over.  After living in her previous home for 4 years, her owners ran into some tough times and lost their home.  She was another dog that when I sat down, she wanted to sit in my lap.  If you are looking for a companion to walk through life with (and maybe spend a little cuddle time), she could be the girl for you!   

Maner is a 6 month old Beagle/Pug mix  ...and he has been ADOPTED!  As with all puppies, he will keep his new owners on their toes.  The good news is that he is VERY treat motivated.

Mary Jane is a 4 year old Catahoula Hound with one beautiful blue eye and one beautiful brown eye.  She came to the shelter in need of a few medical issues, but is now all set and ready to find her next adventure in life.  With a bit of separation anxiety, using a crate while left alone will be a good idea.  I found her to be extremely loving ...and yes she did love to sit next to me and receive hugs!

Myrtle is a small Chihuhua/Terrier Mix.  She was really sweet and the perfect size ...if you are looking for a small dog.  She wasn't so sure of the camera, but did let me capture a few great shots!

Jester is a 2 year old incredibly beautiful Pit Bull.  He walks great on leash and is very well mannered, but still has a little puppy in him.  I mentioned that I usually sit on the ground to get at the dogs level.  Most dogs wanted to sit in my lap, but Jester thought that I wanted to play wrestle.  Getting back on my feet and letting him know that this sort of play was a little rough, things went back to him being this incredible dog.  FYI ~ he is a puppy, but he is strong!

I met Abby back in April and was sad to see that she was back at the shelter waiting for her next home.  She is an ACTIVE 1 1/2 year old Pit Bull Mix.  If you want to see how active she was back in April and read about how much fun I had watching her on her name here ABBY.  I loved watching her play with her ball and I believe she could have entertained herself forever ...and I could have continued watching.  She is a true love who is in need of an active home.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Available for Adoption

Its been a while since I have posted to this blog, but couldn't resist mentioning these incredible dogs that are now available for adoption.  I took them out to burn off a little extra energy in the play area out back today.

The first one out was this sweet 6 year old Coon Hound.  This dog stole my heart.  At one point, I just sat next to him and hugged ~ he would have done this forever.  I would have loved to bring him home, but Lola would not have looked at me for days. 

Who can resist these ears! 
If you are looking for a dog who loves to hug, please contact the Bangor Humane Society today!
 Next up was Winnie!  I am a true advocate for the pits and this dog is a great example of this wonderful breed.  Winnie is two years old and only two-faced on the outside.  She loved the ball and would have played this game for hours.
 ...and yes, she knows her commands and was extremely well behaved!

 ...and lastly there was Abby.  I did mention that we would be burning off a little energy.  Well, Abby had more then her share to burn off.  So much that it was hard to get a clear picture until she settled down.

...and then she found the ball.  I don't think I have seen a dog who could entertain itself the way she did.

 At one point, she would bring the ball to the top of a small hill, tap it and run after it as it rolled  ...then do it all over again.

...and after a bit she settled down and just watched her ball.
If you have the time and experience to train Abby, you will be rewarded with a wonderful dog.  FYI ~ she is only a year old and with all of her sweetness, she still needs some training  ...and a ball:)
These ducks are now testing all dogs at the Bangor Humane Society by setting up home on there lawn/pond where the dogs go for their walk.