Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buddy needs some TLC

Have you ever heard the story of a person who truly rescues a dog and with a lot of time and training the dog does a complete turn around - at the end of the story, this dog wins awards such as the good citizenship award, agility ribbons, etc???  Have you ever wished this person could be you???  I am talking true rescue with a capital R, not just running to the local shelter and taking the best dog they have and taking a few training classes.

If you have the time and are up for the challenge, I may be the dog to make your dreams come true.  You see I need a ton of TLC - that is Time / Love / Consistency.  I am a dog who was born with great stuff, but I was never trained on how to show it off. 

Time is something that is really important for me, since I have spent ways too much time in the shelter.  I was recently adopted by folks who thought they were up for the challenge of training me, but unfortunately didn't realize that it also took time.  Time not just for learning new things, but time for me to become part of the family and time to teach me just how to chill out and spend some downtime together.  You, me and the rest of the family!

Love is going to be the easy part.  As long as you can take a few minutes to give me a little love; I will take all the time I have to love you back.

Consistency is the part that you will need to work on.  I will follow your lead and do what you want, but you will need to constantly be reminding me of what you want and more importantly NOT want me to do.  You in turn will be able to have fun training an incredibly smart dog - yes that's me.  And after months and months and months of consistency, you will look back and proudly walk down the street with a dog on a slack leash - that dog will be you best BUD forever - that dog will be me Buddy! 

If I look familiar, it's because I was here at the Bangor Humane Society last fall.  If you want to see how much I love the great outdoors, take a peek at the post on this same blog by clicking on the word post!  What a great day that was. 

A few weeks ago, I went for another great adventure.  It was not the adventure that I was suppose to go on, but I just couldn't help myself!  You see the Mrs put me in the car and took her eyes off from me for two seconds before closing the door.  FYI - it only takes two seconds for a smart dog like me to escape and escape is what I did.  The game was called "Catch Buddy"!  All of the staff and volunteers from the shelter ran up and down the street and then over to a local car dealership chasing after me.  What fun!  When I decided that it was time to give in - a treat, the command sit and asking for a high-five is all it took. 

Well you guessed it, I am now back at the Bangor Humane Society just waiting for that special someone with TLC to come and rescue me.  You won't be sorry if you give the TIME and CONSISTENCY, I will throw in the LOVE part!