Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Correction to the Last Post

Even though huge THANK YOUs are still in order for Blue Seal of Bangor for hosting this Saturday's dog wash event, Mutt Nose Best were the Adoption Angels who have paid the adoption fees for Tony and Lady.  The story is that they fell in love with all three dogs at Saturday's event, but are already the owners of five other dogs.  On top of this, they provided free dog washes that day and had a donation can available for the Bangor Humane Society.  With over 100 dogs washed, you can bet that can was overflowing:)

Not only were they Adoption Angels for Tony and Lady, they were thrilled to hear that Izzy was in the process of being adopted.  Being the generous folks they are, Izzy was sent home with Mutt Nose Best products - what a treat for her and her new owners.

Now for a little sad news ~ it appears that both Tony and Lady are still available for adoption!  If you are interested in one of these dogs, contact the Bangor Humane Society today!  To read more about them, click on their names and it will take you to PetFinder.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Huge THANK YOUs!!!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Blue Seal of Bangor and Mutt Knows Best (better known as "R U a Dirty Dog") for sponsoring such a successful event.  There are now over 100 clean dogs out and about in Bangor and donations $$$ were collected for the Bangor Humane Society.  Also, thank you to Roots of Wellness for the Reiki ~ it was a wonderful treat!

....and now I will let the dogs say a little about themselves and what they thought of the day:

Hey my name is Lady and I came to the shelter as a stray so not much is known about me.  I am a lab/boxer mix with a beautiful brindle coat.  I am about three years old and at some point had a litter of puppies ~ don't worry that part of my life has been fixed and no more puppies for me.

After the event on Saturday, it was obvious that I love other dogs ~ big and small.  I would have loved to run around with a few of them, but this was not a dog park and it was also not the time for running around.

I had a bit of Reiki performed on me and it was determined that I might benefit from some Bach Flower Therapy.  I'm not sure what this is all about, but I'm game if you are:)

When they made an announce me about me on 106.5, I was thrilled.  After this a picture was in order - Sit / Wait / Stay - I felt like a pro!

Within no time, it was time for a ride back to the Bangor Humane Society  ...and yes, I love car rides ~ especially if you have a moonroof!

Hi, I'm Tony!  You probably remember me from a previous post ....and yes I am still hanging out waiting for the perfect home.  I am a one year old (and yes that means I'm still a puppy) bulldog mix.  Today they had me wearing this banner to let everyone know that I was representing the Bangor Humane Society.

Not much is known about me since I came to the shelter as a stray, but it has become quite obvious that I like other dogs!  I just wish that there was more room to run and play rough with the other dogs at this event.  Did I say play rough ~ well, that's something I need work on.  I like to play a little rough and I am quite mouthy (and not in the vocal way).  As a reminder, I am still a puppy and can easily be broken of this.  A bonus is that mandatory training is part of my adoption agreement ~ this will help me learn to be the best dog anyone would ever want!

I want to send out my own personal THANK YOU to Bella Cakes for being sooo kind to me and giving me some sweetness in the food department  ... and also for taking a few minutes to look in my eyes and give me some hope!

Both dogs are now back at the Bangor Humane Society waiting for the perfect home!  ....and drum roll please      ................. Mutt Nose Best has become Adoption Angels for both Lady and Tony!!!!  This means that they are paying the adoption fees for both of these well deserving dogs!  So if you are looking for a dog to call your own, stop on by and check both of these dogs out!

FYI ~ just because a dog is residing at the Bangor Humane Society does NOT mean they are handicapped. It's just that their first owners were not the responsible kind:(

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tony goes to Petco

 Hey look at me ~ it's Tony at Petco!  I was chosen to represent the Bangor Humane Society at Petco's Adoption Day and things went splendidly!  In fact, Bangor Humane Society is welcome back at any time thanks to my great manners.  Well, you've heard enough PR for Petco and BHS ~ now a you need to hear about me.

I am a one year old boxer mix who is a bit mouthy ...and not in the vocal way.  My previous owner must have loved to play rough and allow me to also play this way.  If rough stuff isn't for you, a trainer at Petco gave a few tips on how to break this behavior  ....and I was very receptive.  By the way, mandatory training is part of the adoption agreement for me.  That's a good thing, since it will help me become the greatest dog ever while helping us bond for life.  Another thing about me is, I love other dogs - but not CATS!!!  I have been hanging out at Bangor Pet Resort and love it there ...and guess what, they love me too.

You are probably wondering about my day ~ LOVED IT!!!  Petco was a bit stressful at times.  What is it with folks wanting to put their snappy little dogs right in your face.  I fell for more than a few of the dogs though and wanted to run around and play.  These dogs did also, but we were told such play is for outside:(   Another thing, this place smells a million dog treats rolled into one.  I was extremely well behaved and never begged (well once or twice when the treat bag was left out, I tried to sneak one).  I usually waited for  the sit command and also a few down / stays.  This was when I showed my stuff and I did this for hours.  After a while, I was able to lay back and just chill.  Somebody actually caught me snoring.

After all of this stress, I needed a de-stresser.  I loved riding in the car and sat in the front seat just like a big dog!  So off to the Bangor City Forest we go for a walk.  I had a great time running in the field and was very surprised when we saw a few horses coming our way.  I stood as still as a statue at first, just watching.  Then I wanted to go meet them ....and maybe play.  This is when I pulled a bit, but not out of control. 

Well, here I am back at the Bangor Humane Society!  I did get a little rest on the way ride back here, so I am all ready for somebody to come and call me Tony, Their Forever Dog!  If you are looking for a great young dog, I may be the one for you.  Come check me out!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heinz and his Special Day!

It's been a while since I have taken a dog for a special day out - my life became quite crazy and although I have spent time volunteering the Dog's Days Out have not been happening.  Enough with excuses - I will say it feels great to be back at it!  Now I will let Heinz tell you all about his special day - 

Being chosen to participate in Dog's Day Out was a great surprise and if you read to the end of this blog you will find my greatest surprise.  Strong hint - I am no longer available for adoption.

We started out the day by going to the Orono Farmer's Market.  This is a really nice place to meet other dogs, children and some really great people.  The Mrs does not normally take dogs from the Bangor Humane Society to this event, because it is a very busy place to go.  I did great and was on my best behavior.  I received pats from many children and I responded to each with a wag of the tail.

While at the market we met an elderly women who was accompanied by her daughter - this women pulled at my heart strings.  She kept telling the same story over and over again about the dog she once had named Max, then she would hold my face, look into my eyes and ask me my name.  She was told it was Heinz many times, but I feel she knew that I have not had that name for long and wanted to know the name I had prior to Heinz.  I sure do wish I could have told it to her.

At the Littlefield home, I was introduced to Lola.  Lola by the way is very anti-social when it comes to dogs in her home.  She wouldn't even look at me and when I sniffed her backside, she flicked her tail at me and walked off.  I tried barking at her (this is the only time I barked all day) and she still ignored me.

It was a tight fit for me riding in the Littlefield's tiny car, but I did great sitting in the backseat.  If you are one to love looking in your rearview mirror and seeing a dog's face, I may have been the dog for you (fyi - I am no longer available for adoption).

You are probably interested in more then how my day went - you are probably interested in me.  I came into the shelter as a stray, so there is not a lot known about me except for the fact that I am very laid back for being approximately four years old.  No jumping for me - which is a good thing since I weigh over 80 pounds, no begging, no pulling and I take treats very gently.

Okay - now for the GREATEST Surprise!  In the parking lot of the shelter, we met a women looking for a dog just like me.  She has another dog named Alto who is getting pretty old and she wanted to add a dog, such as me, to their family.  When I met this women, I fell in love!  ...and when I met Alto, I knew that things were going to work out just splendidly!

                                          ....and the rest is history!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hi my name is Marley and I have a story to tell.  You see I was born with double hip dysplasia and could barely walk the first year of my life - that's the sad part.  Now for the happy part - I have recently had double hip surgery and am feeling like a new dog.  I am still going for physical therapy which is kinda cool - I get to run in a tank of water at these sessions.  Well, that's enough about all my medical stuff and now I'll tell you about my day out.

I love riding in cars and prefer the backseat where I can stretch out.  I also love other dogs, but I will say the Littlefield's dog Lola is quite standoffish.  I tried barking at her and she still would not give me the time of day.  I think she was a bit jealous - you see I am a really cute lab mix who is only a year old.

We went for a walk down the street and I will say that I did great walking on a leash - no pulling for me.  There was a small fenced in area that Lola and I were able to go off leash and we found we had one thing in common - that is smells!!!  After all this walking and sniffing, Lola decided she needed a rest and I couldn't resist the opportunity to lay right down beside her. 

Well back in the house, I made myself right to home.  You see all that walking made me a bit tired and I had already been given the thumbs up to snooze on the comfy couch.  If they had said no, I would have truly understood.  You see I do know right from wrong, because I am a very smart dog.

Well back here at the Bangor Humane Society waiting for the perfect match.  You see I will not be able to go to just anybody.  My new owners will need to show they have the time to commit to keep up with my on-going physical therapy and give me an active life.  They will also need to show they have the funds available to pay for my therapy and any problems that may arise in the future.  If I sound like the dog for you, please contact the Bangor Humane Society soon.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sometimes it Takes a Village

Sometimes it takes a village and it appears that is the case with me Buddy.  The good news is that I have a family who has taken me under there wing to give me the much needed TLC (remember, Time / Love / Consistency) which I desperately need. 

Now for the village part -
  • The Bangor Humane Society has agreed to be there with any support they can give
  • Bangor Pet Resort has agreed to let me continue daycare a few days a week (BTW - I love playing with all the other dogs and this time gives me some much needed exercise)
  • Lastly Green Acres is going to do a behavior evaluation on me in a few weeks just to see what makes me tick and give my new family some guidance on how to deal with my erratic behavior issues. 
As I have said before, I am a great dog who has gotten a bad rap.  With all of these folks believing in me and the TLC I am sure to get at me new home, I can't wait to report back soon that life is grand!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buddy needs some TLC

Have you ever heard the story of a person who truly rescues a dog and with a lot of time and training the dog does a complete turn around - at the end of the story, this dog wins awards such as the good citizenship award, agility ribbons, etc???  Have you ever wished this person could be you???  I am talking true rescue with a capital R, not just running to the local shelter and taking the best dog they have and taking a few training classes.

If you have the time and are up for the challenge, I may be the dog to make your dreams come true.  You see I need a ton of TLC - that is Time / Love / Consistency.  I am a dog who was born with great stuff, but I was never trained on how to show it off. 

Time is something that is really important for me, since I have spent ways too much time in the shelter.  I was recently adopted by folks who thought they were up for the challenge of training me, but unfortunately didn't realize that it also took time.  Time not just for learning new things, but time for me to become part of the family and time to teach me just how to chill out and spend some downtime together.  You, me and the rest of the family!

Love is going to be the easy part.  As long as you can take a few minutes to give me a little love; I will take all the time I have to love you back.

Consistency is the part that you will need to work on.  I will follow your lead and do what you want, but you will need to constantly be reminding me of what you want and more importantly NOT want me to do.  You in turn will be able to have fun training an incredibly smart dog - yes that's me.  And after months and months and months of consistency, you will look back and proudly walk down the street with a dog on a slack leash - that dog will be you best BUD forever - that dog will be me Buddy! 

If I look familiar, it's because I was here at the Bangor Humane Society last fall.  If you want to see how much I love the great outdoors, take a peek at the post on this same blog by clicking on the word post!  What a great day that was. 

A few weeks ago, I went for another great adventure.  It was not the adventure that I was suppose to go on, but I just couldn't help myself!  You see the Mrs put me in the car and took her eyes off from me for two seconds before closing the door.  FYI - it only takes two seconds for a smart dog like me to escape and escape is what I did.  The game was called "Catch Buddy"!  All of the staff and volunteers from the shelter ran up and down the street and then over to a local car dealership chasing after me.  What fun!  When I decided that it was time to give in - a treat, the command sit and asking for a high-five is all it took. 

Well you guessed it, I am now back at the Bangor Humane Society just waiting for that special someone with TLC to come and rescue me.  You won't be sorry if you give the TIME and CONSISTENCY, I will throw in the LOVE part!