Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sheila's Day Out

Just to let you know, I am just a puppy and I have huge ears.  Even though I look full grown, I am under a year old.  My real name is probably not Sheila.  I was picked up as a stray and was given that name by the nice folks here at the shelter.  The Bangor Humane Society needed some photos of a stray, so I was the pick today for Dog's Day Out.  Here's how the day went-

The car ride was great!!!  No whining for me - I just wanted to smell all of the other dogs' smells.  On the ride home, I actually almost fell to sleep.

  • Photos went great - I only hope they were looking for pics of the cutest dog lost in the woods.  That's right, an adventure in the woods and I loved it!!!  I don't think I've been on many hikes like this one and was very timid going. But, coming back was another story.  I never did pull and most of the time was on a slack lead.  Photos were great - the Mrs. would sit by a tree and let me explore while she snapped away. 

  • I will let you know that I do not like to be left outside while you're doing whatever inside.  Plus I don't like to be inside while I know that you are doing whatever outside.  I think if you were to leave, that would be fine with me - but if you're close by, I want to be with you!!!

  • I do like toys and also like fetching them.  I will "drop them" most of the time - but make sure to throw them again, because that's the game.  Remember I am only a puppy, so if a leaf happens to float by in the middle of the game - to heck with the game, I'm off chasing leaves:)  I am a very happy-go-lucky sort of dog who loves to sit in your lap while receiving a belly rub.

  • What a great day!!!  Back at the shelter I went into my kennel without any problems.  It was time for a little snooze with thoughts of running in the woods in my head.  If you are looking for a very cute puppy with big ears, I may be the dog for you.  Come to the Bangor Humane Society to check my out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog's Day Out for Ellie May

I want you to know my real name is not Ellie May and I don't know why everybody keeps calling me that.  I can't tell you what my name really is, but feel free to rename me if you wish.  Next, how was my day while participating in Dog's Day Out????  Very smelly - remember I am a beagle and love, love, love to smell whatever there is to smell.  Where most beagles like to bark - I don't.  I just love to smell!!!

  • First off the car had all sorts of other dogs' smells and a few dog biscuit smells.  The ride went great, but at times I just wondered where we were going and that made me whine (just a little).  I did get to stick my nose out the window and that brought back memories of all the good smells the world had to offer.
  • Once in the house, I ran from room to room nose to the floor.  I sniffed out the room with treats - I love smelling treats more than I do eating them.  I sniffed out all the places the other dog's loved to go.  I believe this may have been the first time I've gone upstairs - it was slow going, quite an adventure.
  • Then I was put on a long lead outdoors - yippee.  Under the deck I went looking for who-knows-what!!!  I think I would be a great hunting dog, because my nose really works overtime and I love the great outdoors.
  • Today was supposed to be a photo shoot for me - a little PR for the Bangor Humane Society.  It didn't go so well - I could not settle down and I do not know any commands like sit, stay, etc - or at least, I'm not letting on I do.  Every time the camera was in my face, I turned the other way.  If they had only used the command "smile", that might have worked.

  • I'm not a dog that loves to play games with balls and toys.  Maybe it's just that I've never been taught.  I'm not a very needy dog.  Although, when the Mrs. left me in the yard and went across the street to talk with neighbors; after a few minutes, I did bark and want her to come get me.  When she returned, I couldn't stop wagging my tail and just plain showing how much I missed her.   
FYI - if you are looking for a forever dog for your family, it could be me.  Come to the Bangor Humane Society today to have a look.  Do it today, since I probably won't be here long.  Or check me out on PetFinder

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kody Finds a Forever Home!!!

That's right, yesterday a family came to the shelter and adopted Kody.  The best part  for Kody is that his new family has another beagle.  As a reminder, he loves other dogs as much as he loves toys.  I can hear all the barking going on now!!!!

We wish Kody and his new forever family our best.  He will be missed in the Littlefield household. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Day Out for Kody

Today was my second day participating in Dog's Day Out and what a great day it was.  The only problem was my barking -  you have to remember that I am a beagle and beagles do bark!!!

First stop was the Bangor City Forest and I barked!!!  I couldn't help it and  I wanted to let the world know I was free!!!  There were people - "Hey look at me, I'm Kody" and other dogs - "Hey look at me, want to be my friend".  Seems Sunday morning is a time for quiet walks and I wasn't being quiet, so we had to leave before we were asked to leave:).

That's okay with me.  I love going to the Littlefield home.  They usually tie me to a very long lead so I can come and go to my hearts delight.  Did I bark???  No - there was no one to bark to.  The Littlefields already know who I am and that I'm a great dog.  I did bark when I saw that cat come into the yard "Hi I'm Kody and I'm having a blast here" or the squirrel in the bird feeder "Hi I'm Kody and you are not supposed to be up there", but other then that - no barking for me!!!

Remember my last visit when I didn't know the command "Drop it" with my toys.  Well, now I do.  I love toys very much and also love to play toss with them. 

At lunch time, they decided to eat right in front of me.  They gave me a piece of rawhide to keep me busy, but I can't be bribed.  I just sat at a distance and watched - no begging for me. 

To end the day, another visit to the City Forest.  By this time I had settled down and left the barking behind.  We went on a trail through the woods and that was great - I love all the smells of the forest.  When we returned to the trail that most people take, I barked some at just a few folks - others I did not bark at.  The best was in the parking lot when a family wanted to pet me.  That was great and there was no barking for me until a dog interrupted our visit "Hey can't you see I'm busy".  Oh by the way, I did get along fine with all the dogs we met - very small ones and very large ones.

Back at the shelter for me and now I am acting like a grouchy old man!!!  Why wouldn't I - I hate it here!!!  If you're interested in adopting a nice little beagle like me, contact the Bangor Humane Society today or check me out at 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vicki - the Adoption is Final!!!

It's final and what a nice story.  The family who brought Vicki to the shelter as a stray close to a month ago, have come to her rescue and adopted her.  The fourteen year old in the family fell in love with her from the start.  The parents were apprehensive since there was no history and all the bad press they had heard about pit bulls.  After reading this blog, they realized what a great dog she truly was and have decided to make her part of their family.  I don't know who is luckier - them or Vicki.  All involved sound pretty special to me!!!!

I can't speak for Vicki any longer, but she will be missed in the Littlefield household.  My best goes to her and her new family.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going Away Party for Vicki

There were celebrations tonight at the Littlefields and I was the Guest of Honor!!!  It seems somebody is very interested in adopting me and has put a hold on me.  Tomorrow I will meet the other dog in the family to make sure we will best buds.  As a reminder, I really liked the other dogs I met at WoofStock.  I hope their dog falls for me:)

The celebration included frosty paws (doggie ice cream), multiple belly rubs, ball tossing, fetch the toy and a rawhide bone.  All this and a walk rolled up into one night!!! 

I think the Littlefields have mixed feelings about my being adopted - they are very happy for me, but know they will miss me.  I will also miss them.  The good news for them is that there are plenty of great dogs at the Bangor Humane Society for them to take out.  I think their next choice should be Kody.  That dog has been at the shelter for ways too long and really needs to find a forever home.

Bye for now.  As a reminder, just because you missed out on adopting me - there are many more dogs like me here at the shelter.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kody - September 11th

Today was my lucky day!!! Vicki went to Woofstock and I was the pick for Dog's Day Out. I will say that I am a very curious sort of dog. Here are how things went -

The car ride was great, but I had a hard time staying in one spot. I was never out of control - just kept wandering about. Finally I ended up sitting on the arm rest. It seems I have very good balance and I am quite small. This was a treat:)

When we arrived I ran through the house just to check things out. Did I jump on the furniture - no, I know better than that. I did find toys and that was a good thing. I love toys and I also love to tear up toys!!!

Outside I was put on a very long lead and was able to run around the yard. I do like to fetch my toys when they are thrown. Although, I do have a hard time giving them up. You could probably teach me the "Drop it" command, but at this time I like to keep them to myself.

We went for a walk and that was a blast! We went through fields, woods and on a sidewalk. It was all great, but the sidewalk thing I didn't quite understand. I did pull some, but that's just because I wanted to get to where we were going.

If you see me at the shelter, remember that I do not like it here and bark to let you know that. Outside of the shelter I only bark when I want something. If you are looking for a well behaved Beagle, I could be the dog for you. Come to the Bangor Humane Society for a visit or check me out on this link .


Well a lots has happened since my day out on August 29th. If you did not read the first post about me yet, you may want to start there and find out all about me.

First of all I've been fixed (even though I wasn't broken) - I will no longer be responsible for the over-population of my breed. Yeah - no more puppies for me!!! A few days later I ripped out my stitches, which means I am now wearing a cone. Not fun!!!

What was fun was an overnight at the Littlefield's. Remember, I have never attempted to get on the furniture, so they bought me my very own bed. My thoughts are the blanket was just fine and they should have spent the money on more toys. When the Littlefields decided to call it a night, they told me to "Stay" downstairs on my new bed - and I did:)

The next morning included a trip to Petco for TOYS!!! While there we met another dog and that was pretty cool. Was I on my best behavior??? Yes, with the exception of tearing the toy up before we got out of the store. I couldn't help it - I was just so excited.

Because I am the best dog, I was selected as the representative for Bangor Humane Society at the Arts in the Garden event. I was displaying my best manners until I saw the Littlefields, then my excitement took over!!! My thoughts were maybe going home with them and not back to the shelter.

The Littlefields are wondering what happened to my previous owners - I was picked up as a stray in Hudson. Somebody spent a ton of time training me and it's obvious that I lived in a structured household where I was part of the family. It's the little things like when we went to the drive through teller at the bank and I knew there would be a treat for me. Well, just to let you know I would love to be part of a family again - maybe it could be yours.  To find out more about me check out this link or come and visit me at the Bangor Humane Society.