Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dog's Day Out for Pibbles

Yesterday was a day of adoption for the adult dogs - YEAH!!!  But the little pit bull puppies I've been fostering were not adopted, so this weekend is Dog's Day Out for the Pibbles.  In the last few days they have grown like weeds, so we also had to do some upgrading.  The dog bed we had bought for Vicki came out and dog dishes went from one to three.  Personalities have intensified and these little puppies have become very independent.  They have also learned a few things like - No means no!  Pee Pads are there for a reason - let's try to at least hit that vicinity.

Stripe fell in love with the dog bed.  She was very content just to lay there a good part of the time.  The other part was another story:)  Although, she did spend a ton of one on one watching the football game with my husband.

Rosie is the adventurous one in the trio.  It snowed this morning and she loved going out in the snow - the other two were content staying inside.  She is also the one that is the most interested in treats.  Watch out - she also has a shoe fetish:)

Freckles is still the favorite.  She loves giving kisses, but watch out after about 20 seconds the kisses turn into little nips - ouch!!!  And don't blame her for anything within earshot of my husband:)

If you are looking for a pibble, you need to run to the Bangor Humane Society.  These little girls are a bundle of fun and will be a great addition to any family.  To visit them, go to the Bangor Humane Society!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

...and the special project was PIBBLES!!!

Who can resist a puppy and you all know how I feel about pit bulls!!!  My life has been a whirlwind and these girls were ways to busy to talk for themselves.  It was tons of fun watching them grow in size and confidence in the last two weeks. 

The first few days in our home, I had a blast photographing them.  But within no time they were everywhere and it was a constant chase of picking up puddles and piles of poo.  In the later days, most photos were taken of them being held.  Otherwise, it was off to the races and all in a different direction.

In their eight weeks of life, these little girls have had three different names.  Since they were not mine and never would be mine, I decided to name them what they looked like -  Stripe, Freckles and Rosie.

At this time, I would like to tell a little bit about each one:

Stripe - is definitely the cutest of the bunch.  She is larger and comes across the more dominant.   She knows what she wants and will go all out to get it.  Most of the time it was the sunspot on the floor or the sitting on the heat grates - I can easily relate to these likes!!!  At times, she would just sit back and access the situation.  I always wondered at these times - what did she just do or what is she scheming.  She was the first to climb the stairs and found hiding under the bed very interesting.  As confident as she was, she was very timid about going outside.

Freckles - she turned out to be the favorite.  When the other two went for an overnight with another foster family, Freckles was left behind for some one on one time.  She was not feeling well that night and got a ton of being held time along with a ton of TLC.  She was sooo calm until the other two returned, then all hell broke out.  She wanted to make sure all dogs knew that all toys were hers and that she was the top dog of this house - that was until the real Top Dog (me) stepped in and gave her a talking to.  That night, unlike the previous, all dogs slept soundly in their little pigpile.  The next morning everything was back to normal - with the exception of my husband making sure Freckles did not get the blame for anything.

Rosie - she is by far the more dainty, petite, feminine of the three.  Most everyone who saw her thou ght she was the cutest little lab puppy - remember puppies look like puppies:)  She carried a big bark, but was rarely in the midst of an all out puppy fight.  When she found a toy she liked, she would grab it and run - no way was she going to have another dog come along and grab it.  This worked some of the time, but not always.  She also was the one that thought feet were a favored play toy.  Rosie loved the outdoors.  She was the one that would run the furthest from you and did not mind being the last to be let in.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect - Thursday morning we spoke of how it was almost time for them to be given up.  Thursday afternoon we received the phone call that surgery was scheduled for the next morning.  They truly were a great addition to the Littlefield household.  As I've always said "the goodbyes are the hardest.  But volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society, the goodbyes are the goal."  Goodbye Pibbles, we wish you our best!  Yes these adorable little puppies are up for adoption today at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you are interested - run do not walk, since they will not be there long!!!



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I Volunteer

I am very close to the end of my special project and I may be given the thumbs up to write the blog tomorrow.  In the meantime, I decided to blog about how I stumbled upon volunteerism and how this adventure has changed my life. 

It all started when I attended a United Way event a few years back.  The speaker that year spoke of following your passion and finding an organization that could use your help.  In the past, I always thought that there weren't enough hours in the day.  Well, there were and there still are only 24 hours in the day.  If you have the passion and make the commitment, you will find the time.  Presently, I couldn't imagine a better use of my spare (few hours) time then following my passion for homeless dogs.

When I first started volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society, I needed to show commitment by volunteering 20 hours before starting the Dog's Day Out program.  I would show up at 8 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon most weekends to walk dogs on their premises.  At the beginning, it felt like I would never reach this goal - but soon time flew and this experience added to my adventures with BHS.  Once I started with Dog's Day Out, it took on a life of it's own.  My husband is always commenting that I should be paying them.  This has become a very important part of my life. 

Every community has it's share of agencies in need of volunteers.  Your passion may not be dogs, cats or other furry friends.  Your passion may be youth sports, reading to elderly, helping at a soup kitchen, etc.  All I ask, is that you volunteer a few hours a week for a  few months.  If you find that you are not feeling the rewards of volunteerism with a particular agency, look further.  Once you have found your passion, it will pay you back ten-fold.

Now back to my special project.  Goodbyes are always hardest.  But volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society, the goodbyes are the goal.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Story of Jack

It seems like I have been guilty of Blog Neglect, but to tell you the truth I have been extremely busy working on a special project.  I will be blogging about this project later this month. 

From the beginning I have always wanted to tell the Story of Jack.  He is the reason I started this blog and will forever have a special place in my heart.  He resided at the Bangor Humane Society for almost three months and I could not understand why he was not being adopted.  The problem was he was a great dog outside the shelter, but put his worst foot forward when in his kennel.  After over a month of spending time with Jack, I was asked to write a profile and it was suggested that maybe a blog would help.  I wrote the profile (see below) and Jack was adopted before the blog could be started.  This is his story:

How do I behave while I'm at the Littlefield home?  Well, very well.  Here are just a few of the things I've done on my visits:
v     First of all, I love riding in the car.  I sit up like a big dog.  Although once you go over 40 mph, I quickly lay down and fall to sleep.  Usually I like putting my head in the driver's lap.  That's okay, because she does not mind.  If this were something that bothered you, I don't mind curling up in my seat and taking a siesta.  I have been picked up from the shelter just to go for a ride to Ellsworth which was very relaxing.

v     Walks - I love walks.  At first the Littlefield's were timid about bringing me where there would be other people and dogs.  But once they got over their fear, every thing has been great.  I am always very curious around other dogs.  I have not done any nose to nose with them, but I did have a dog come charging at me wanting to play.  The Littlefield's were very nervous - I was very curious and kind of wanted to meet this dog.  Then we saw a puppy and let it pass us while I sat and watched.  Of course the Mrs.  got to talking and I wanted to continue walking.  I had seen enough of that little dog, but on our return I wanted to see more of her.  Then came the runner and we just sat and watched.  Oh did I mention the deer on the bike path that would not leave or the skunk in the back yard?  Well, I was extra good and all it took was a little jerk of the leash and I followed in the other direction.

v     Treats - what can a dog say?  They are the best!!!  They give them to me and sometimes take them away.  I think this is a test and I think I pass it all the time.  I would love to play the tug game, but they are not keen on this game.  Now when they say out, I realize that they don't mean tug.

v     Sleep - I love my naps.  I have also recently been spending some nights, which I really like.  I normally will sleep on the blanket on the floor, but recently have been invited to sleep on the couch.    I love curling up next to her and being patted, but I am not obnoxious about it.  Although I'm affectionate, I am not a kisser.

v     Stairs - I do NOT do stairs.  Maybe you can train me, but they kind of wig me out.  But I can walk backwards and I think that is really cool.

v     I am strong, but do not pull unless I see something very interesting.  I do not mind my harness and I know it will help you keep me under control in these few situations.

v     The most important thing about me is that I know my manners and I know that no means no!!!

     As a reminder, Jack has been adopted.  I was not sure that I could continue volunteering after he was adopted, because I knew there would never be another dog like him.  That is correct, but there are many other dogs and I have fallen for more than one.  Each adoption is bittersweet for me.  I am overjoyed that a dog has found it's forever home, but each dog has touched my heart and will be forever missed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paws on Parade

Yesterday was Paws on Parade for the Bangor Humane Society.  Over $40,000 was raised for this event - YEAH!!!  I was given a great dog named Abby to walk.  Abby's former owner passed away and now she is looking for a new forever home.  Her owner must have been pretty special, because Abby is such a well-mannered great dog.  She was sweet and quiet until the parade started.  Once everybody started walking, she started barking.  She is an Australian Shepherd mix and wanted to do some herding.  Once the parade was over, she quieted right down. 

 If you are looking for photos, go to my website at

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today Was Not All About Dogs

 Today wasn't only about dogs!!!  Today was a day to explore the shelter and check out all the other creatures that are available at the Bangor Humane Society!!!

No Time for Dog's Day Out

With so many dogs being adopted and so many dogs entering the shelter, photos needed to be taken for PetFinder.  Over ten dogs were photographed today - most are available for adoption or will soon be available for adoption.  You will soon be able to get their profile on PetFinder, but you can see a complete portfolio of today's shoot on my website  Enjoy:)



Sheila Gets Adopted

YEAH!!!  Sheila has found her forever home.  Wishing her new family, her and those big ears many years of happiness.  I can't speak for Sheila any longer, but I know she is also saying "YEAH!!!".

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sheila Goes for a Swim

What a great day I had on my second day participating in Dog's Day Out!!!  If you didn't read about my first day out, check it out on a previous post.  Now for today's adventure.
A hike in the woods and along the river bank was great fun.  I love an adventure even though I am very timid about leading the way.  I am always ahead, but I always make sure the Mrs. is following close behind.  I did get a little too brave at one point.  While leaning over the riverbank (maybe a little too far) and looking into the river - splat.  Head first, in I went.  Water up my nose.  Water in my eyes.  I did not like this.  But, yes I can swim!!!  On the hike back to the car, I stayed away from that riverbank.  I was not going to be sucked in again.

Back at the house, was time for a little training.  Do I know Sit - yes.  Do I know Stay - yes.  Do I know Down - no.  I am hoping to find a family that has time to teach me all of these commands and then give me a treat afterwards.  I do love treats and I do love attention, so I'm sure I would be easy to train. 

FYI - in the house, I am very well behaved.  Never getting on the furniture or getting into things that are not for dogs.  I like toys, but I get distracted very easily. 

Car ride back went well - the windows were partially opened, so I just kept biting at the wind.  Remember, I am a puppy and puppies like to play with whatever comes along.

To learn more about me contact the Bangor Humane Society.

Lyric is Glad to be Alive

That's right I'm glad to be alive and this is why.  I was picked up as a stray and brought to a shelter that will euthanize a dog after so long if they run out of space.  Well guess what, my number was drawn and I was brought to the vet to be put down.  The vet took one look at me and saw what a great dog I was.  He then made a call to the nice folks at the Bangor Humane Society (this shelter never euthanizes a dog because of space or time at the shelter). 

Now for today - I was the pick for Dog's Day Out and it started out great with the exception of the camera.  I am very, very camera shy.  After a few clicks, the camera was put away and that was fine with me. 

With in no time the phone rang.  Guess what, my number was drawn again.  This time it was the lucky number.  My new family was waiting for me at the shelter.  I WAS BEING ADOPTED!!!  YEAH!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ellie May Gets Adopted

That's right - Ellie May has found her forever home.  Wishing her and her new family our best:)