Sunday, January 30, 2011

Foster to Adopt

Have you ever wished that you could take a dog from the shelter and just try him out?  Good News - Bangor Humane Society has a program that allows you to foster special dogs for two weeks before making that final decision.  What makes a dog special?  There are some dogs that hate the kennel environment so much that it is impossible for them to put their best foot forward.  This program gives potential owners a chance to see what a sweet dog they are in a home environment - your home.

The great news is Max a Million and Bubba are two of these special dogs.  If you would like to test drive (oops - I meant foster) one of the great dogs with the option to buy (oops - I meant adopt), hurry to the Bangor Humane Society today.

I personally have taken both of these dogs and they are wonderful outside the kennel environment.  Max is a giant sweetheart - don't let his size scare you away.  He is very gentle and easy to walk.  Bubba is well Bubba - just a great dog.  Don't forget to check out their posts by clicking on their hi-lighted name.

PS - On Monday Bubba was taken home by a family hoping to adopt him soon.  Wishing Bubba and his new home our best.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Max a Million

Hey, my name is Max and this was the day I was picked to participate in Dog's Day Out.  I am a great dog, I but don't put my best foot forward in a shelter environment.  I want you all to know that it's not my favorite place, so I am constantly barking and being very rude.

Now for today -

I love car rides.  If you like to tour the countryside, I may be the dog for you.  Laying down in the back seat is the place for me. 

I seem to like toys and will return them when they are tossed for me.  Today I was able to retrieve squeaky balls, which were quite fun. 

When there was mention of the great outdoors, I went right to the window and waited patiently.  Snow, snow and more snow - that's what I love!!!  I can't get enough of it.  Rolling this way, then rolling that way.  See my photos below, if you don't believe me.

It seems there is a rumor going around about me not liking men very much.  Don't believe everything you hear.  When I entered the Littlefield home, the man of the house was holding a broom - now this should have set me back a bit, but it didn't.  I walked right in and paid no attention to him until he started talking to me.  Nice guy - he gave me a pat, threw the toy a few times.  Who couldn't like a guy like him. 

I will tell you what type of men I don't respect - it's the men that are built out of snow!!!  Now that's just ridiculous.  I could not control myself and the next thing I know - it looked like that snowman had pissed himself.  The secret is all mine - but I did help:)

Once I had added my artwork to the snowman, we went for a long walk in the city forest.  While there we met a few dogs including a little Scotty who was very friendly - I must say that I was also very friendly.  I do not pull on a leash unless there is something very interesting.  Since I did not pull none-stop, the flexi leash was brought out.  This was great, since the smells in a forest are absolutely incredible.

FYI - I am back at the shelter and waiting for somebody that wants a very well behaved dog such as myself.  If you like snow and playing in it, I may be the dog you.  If you like toys, I may be the dog for you.  If you are constantly finding yourself driving from one place to another and would like company, I may be the dog for you.  Remember - I MAY BE THE DOG FOR YOU!!!  Contact the Bangor Humane Society today!!!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Overnight for Bubba

Have you ever wished that you could take a dog from the shelter and just try him out???  Well if so, you may want to take a look at me.  You see, the Bangor Humane Society has a program for special dogs that allows you to foster for a few weeks before you adopt.  And guess what - I, Bubba, am one of those special dogs.

Okay about tonight -

Yeah - an overnight for me.  It's been forever since I spent a night away from the shelter and boy did I have a grand time.  I tried to be on my best behavior and you could say that goal was accomplished with flying colors.  I was given a nice big bone and that kept me occupied for quite a while - YUMMM!!!

I know not to be rude.  I know not to jump.  I know how to retreive.  I am learning leave it/take it.  I do not know sit and down.  Maybe this is something you could teach me.

I will say I love to go for walks, but have a tendency of pulling.  I am not opposed to wearing a harness and realize that it will help you have more control of me.  It also reminds me that you are the one in charge.

Just so you know, I am constantly aware of what's going on.  I loved watching the comings and goings of the traffic out the window.  I only barked once when something didn't seem quite right.  At which time, the Littlefields assured me that all was a-okay!

I was invited to hop up on the couch for some snuggle time.  I am not much of a snuggler, but I will lay next to you and enjoy the pats.  This was a great spot for me to spend the night, which I slept right through!

If you like to go for rides and would like company, I may be the dog for you.  Especially if you like looking in your rearview mirror and seeing a reflection of a dog, since the back seat is where I like to ride. 

Remember if you would like to try me out, hurry to the Bangor Humane Society and check me out.  I'm ready for that test drive whenever you are.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good News, Good News and Bad News

Today I received some good news and some bad news.

Good News - Fresh Prince was adopted yesterday.  What a sweet puppy who loved cuddling as much as he loved food.  Wishing him and his new family our best and good luck with the obedience training.  With such a smart puppy who loves his treats, he is sure to graduate top in his class.

Good News - It's been a long haul for Brady, but his adoption was finalized on Saturday.  Brady spent a good amount of time with a foster family, since he did not do well in a shelter environment.  Thanks to this family, he was eventually able to be placed in a Foster to Adopt Program with his forever family.  This program allowed his prospective family to see if they were a good match (it seems Brady was in need of a special family) and allowed them a few weeks to test the waters before making a permanent decision.  Well, within no time it was determined this was a match made in heaven.  Happy dog, happy family, with Saturday being a happy day for all!

Bad News - Bubba is still available for adoption.  The good news is that Bubba is available to participate in the Foster to Adopt Program.  So if you think you may be interested in a well behaved hound dog, contact the Bangor Humane Society now.  I had this dog in my home for an afternoon and found him to be very well mannered.  As I mentioned in a previous post, he may not have been taught his basic commands, but he does know no means no and was not rude in any way.  He is a very, very sweet dog in need of a forever home.  If you are looking for such a dog and would like to try him out, please contact the shelter today at 942-8902.

I am hoping to go to the shelter myself in the next few days, since I am in need of a dog to cuddle and play with.  Also, my blog is in need of a new post.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Overnight for the Fresh Prince

Just so you know, I am only 4 months old and I am a pit bull mix.  Also you should know, my two favorite things in life are food and cuddles.  I probably missed out on these two things while I was wandering the streets of Bangor as a stray.  YIKES - I was only a baby and I had to fend for myself.  Now that's pretty scary. 

Before you get too scared - I'll tell you the second part of my story.  Some nice people were worried about me and decided to bring me to the Bangor Humane Society.  Most of the dogs here hate it, but it really isn't that bad.  I had to stay here for ten days just waiting to see if my previous owners would come and rescue me.  No such luck, but it's probably for the best.  You see, being a dog owner is a big responsibility and obviously these folks were not that.  While here, I have had plenty of food although I am still quite thin.  I have also had tons of play time with the staff.

Now about my overnight at the Littlefields - 

The car ride was a bit scary at first - I don't think I've been for many rides in my short life.  Was I out of control - no way!!!  I just sat up like a big dog in the front seat.

When I first entered the Littlefield's home, I sniffed out the food and treat closet - YUMMMM!  They had bones that the other dogs were not interested in, but I was extremely interested in.  I took them and all treats very gently - until they brought out the popcorn.  At that time, I had to be continuously reminded to be "easy".  Who would guess popcorn was soooo yummy?

I did not get on furniture or chew anything that was not given to me.  Eventually I was invited to hop up on the couch and do a little bit of snuggling.  I curled myself up in a ball had arms and legs going in every direction.

Stairs were something also very new to me, but once up those stairs I was invited to sleep in their bed.  Yippy!!!  In no time, the Littlefield's thoughts were that this is something they would not make a habit of with a dog like me.  Did I mention, I love to cuddle and I am also a bed hog.  Oh well, it was only one night and if you had a nice soft cuddly dog bed, I think I would like that.

The next day out in the snow was a ton of fun, but also very cold.  After only a short time, I was ready to go back in and cuddle by the fire.  Then it was back to the shelter for me.

If you would like to be involved in the third part of my story, contact the Bangor Humane Society soon.  BHS is requiring mandatory Basic Training, since that would be the responsible thing to do.  I think you and me could have a lot of fun doing this, since did I mention I am food motivated and would be extremely easy to train.  Don't forget - if you are interest in me, hurry to the Bangor Humane Society or check me out on the PetFinder site along with all my other friends here .  If you are looking for an adult hound dog such as Bubba, he is also still here.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dog's Day Out for Bubba

Today was my lucky day as I was selected to take part in Dog's Day Out!!!  Whoa - this was pretty exciting for me and I think that I put my best foot forward.  I may not be the smartest dog at the shelter (I am clueless to basic commands such as sit, stay down). or maybe I have just forgotten what I was once taught.  You see, I've been in a few shelters recently and am really hoping to find my forever home soon.  I know that I would love to spend time with a loving family and learn all they had to teach me.  I am a very lovable guy who loves attention and treats, so I should be know problem to train.

Now for today and how much fun we had - 

Car rides are awesome!!!  I bounced between the front seat and the back for a few minutes.  Then settled down into my special spot - backseat right behind the driver.  If you like to go for rides, I think I might be the dog for you.

In the house, I was as good as a dog could be.  Not rude, not jumping on furniture - just plain good.  I did sniff out the closet with dog toys and chews with no problem at all - FYI, I am part hound.  When given a nice big bone that was of no interest to other dogs, I did show interest.  Then got to thinking about being outdoors and decided that sitting at the door was where I should be - see I'm smarter then I gave myself credit for.

Outdoors was great.  We went down in the backyard for a quick photo shoot.  I pulled some, since being still is not what the great outdoors is supposed to be about.  Finally we went for a walk on the Old Town bike path.  Did you know Old Town is a game preserve and the smells are incredible.  I went through times that I pulled quite a bit, but never out of control.  

FYI - Here I am back at the shelter waiting for my forever home.  If you are interested in a truly sweet dog that is looking to learn some basic commands, I may be the dog for you!!!

Spay and Neutering is a Must at the Bangor Humane Society

I had the privilege of observing Dr Mark Hanks and his team along with BHS's Erica Neal do what they do to help bring an end to the overpopulation of dogs, cats and bunnies.  During the surgeries this team spoke of everyday stuff, but when it came time to moving the animal into their spot for recovery that's when all the attention was given to these future pets.  The job of one team member was to cuddle the animals as they were coming out of the anesthesia.  It was so comforting to observe.

I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir, but having animals that aren't spayed or neutered creates a huge problem for shelters such as the Bangor Humane Society.  There are more then enough dogs in this world to go around and the shelters are full of some of the best.  Please think twice (or a hundred times) before purchasing a pet from the pet store or that cute little puppy/kitten that is for sale in the local paper.  This only encourages those who are not so responsible to continue doing what they do.  The shelters are full of great dogs that are in need of a forever home.  By adopting an adult dog you know what you're getting and most times they are already trained.  If you really feel the need for a puppy, you will most likely also find one here.  Now off my soapbox and back to today.

Those in the forefront today were multiple cats, a bunch of bunnies and two great looking dogs named Daisy and Buster.  Of course, I'm all about the dogs and can't wait to see these two siblings back in their kennels and ready for adoption on Monday.

Erica with her own cat Seabass
I want to end with a huge THANK YOU to Dr Hanks and his team for doing what they do - volunteering their time and energy for this worthwhile cause.  As always, a huge THANK YOU goes to Erica Neal for the care she gives all these animals everyday.