Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sometimes it's about the Cats Available for Adoption

I couldn't resist taking photos of cats who are available for adoption at the Bangor Humane Society.  All were extremely sweet and all are waiting for their forever home!

Meet Baby ~ She's a 2 year old female who is extremely friendly and talkative and loves to cuddle ~ in fact, it was hard taking photos of her while she was in my lap.  She has shared her home with other cats and played well with them.  She also likes getting outdoors now and then to catch a breath of fresh air.  Most of all she would love a home with owners who love to cuddle!   

Clifford is a 10 year old large cat who just likes hanging out.  While I took his photo he couldn't help but change positions ...but they were always with him laying down.  Clifford wants to go to a home where he is the top cat fact he wants to be the only cat.

 Carly is 5 months old and would love to find her forever home!
 Crosby is a 4 years old and he is patiently waiting for his next home!

Egore is 7 years old and a medium sized cat.  If you are looking for a medium sized black cat, he may be the one for you!

I have a hard time resisting a cat who will pose for me ...and that is exactly why I fell in love with Freya.  She is 2 years old and waiting to go home!

Heather is such a sweet girl who is 5 years old.  She was picked up as a stray, so there is not much history.  She was quite timid, but in no time warmed up and was very loving!

If you are looking for a black kitten with beautiful eyes, Basil is waiting for you.  He is 4 months old and very sweet!

Jackie O is a 1 year old cat with incredibly beautiful markings.

 ...and once in a while I can't help but share my creativity :)

 Josh is a 6 month old kitten who loves to play!

 Julianna is a 2 years old female cat who was exceptionally photogenic!
 Lucas is a 5 year old male cat!

Madelyn is a 5 year old large long-haired female cat with gorgeous markings!

 She also loved playing with the catnip :)
 If you are looking for a 3 year old male cat, Max may be the one for you!

Robin is a 3 year old male cat.
Shelly is a long-haired 6 year old cat.

Tank is an 8 year old active guy who didn't want his photo taken :)  BHS says he is an active cat who would love to have a little outdoor time!

 A Cat Named Wanda ...almost sounds like the name of a movie :)  She is 2 years old and waiting to become part of a family!

There are two kittens (both named Phoebe) who may have already been adopted :(  They appeared to be available when these photos were taken ...but I do not see them on the BHS website.

 ...and this one found the catnip and fell in love!
 Phoebe #2

Snooze lose!  
This little kitten was adopted today!!!