Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brutus gets Adopted, but Look Who's Still Available for Adoption!

Great news for Brutus!!! I would like to take this opportunity to remind folks that the barking dogs in the kennels at the Bangor Humane Society are generally not the same outside of that kennel. This is what happened to Brutus. I showed up at BHS to give Brutus a 20 minute break and a little bit of play time. At the same time another dog was being shown in the general area. The people looking at this dog had already bypassed the Brutus hanging out barking in his kennel, but once they saw his loving, playful behavior while outside their minds quickly drifted from the dog in front of them to Brutus.

If you missed your chance adopting Brutus, take a look at the dogs still available for adoption.  Don't forget to ask an adoption counciler to meet a dog outside of his kennel if you find one of interest and please remember these guys do not put their best foot forward when in their kennel.

Allyen - The name may confuse you, but she is a female and you can feel free to call her Ally if you wish. Just don't call her "late for dinner". I will say that she is extremely food motivated. This will come in handy when you you decide to teach her a few tricks - and I will say she loves tricks if treats are involved!!!  She fell in love with the agility equipment - she also fell in love with the treats. She is a six month old box-pit bull terrier mix.

Bruce Lee is a Anatolian Shepherd. He is easy to pick out in a crowd with his size an his one floppy ear. What a sweet and gentle guy he is. Although not very motivated by treats, he was very well mannered. With his size, walking politely on leash and a great disposition are true bonuses. What a wonderful loving dog!!!

If you have never seen a dog with marble eyes, you have got to meet Chuck.  Once you get over the creepiness of his eyes, he is a great dog.  He is a beautiful brindle pit bull / husky mix.  I will say that photographing him was quite difficult because his main interest was treats and the person behind the treat bag.  Once we showed him the treat bag was empty, he did a lot better.  The main thing was that he took his treats very gently and was never rude!!!  Another great dog!!!

Gotti is another young pit bull terrier - only nine months old.  I will say that this dog would be fun to teach tricks to, but just to let you know - he has the High-Five down to a science.  He also was another one who fell in love with the person with the treat bag - and it wasn't me and it wasn't the camera.  So you will note that he is not looking at me or the camera.  What a fun dog he is!!!

                                                            Poor Mercedes was the guinea pig - the thought was to dress pit bulls up to make them look friendlier.  This dog was a real trooper.  She pranced around with this dress on  feeling extremely foolish, but figured that's what we wanted and we were rewarding her with treats.  Don't let her size fool you - she is a two year old Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix who is extremely small.  Her previous owners surrendered her because they said she had a problem with food aggression - the staff at BHS could give you some advise on how to train a dog with these problems.  While in the play area today, she took treats very gently and was very well mannered. But it might be because there were plently of treats and no other dogs around.

Okay, just about the time I am getting really tired about dogs not paying attention to me and my camera along comes Woody.  I think this dog would have done headstands for a treat.  He is a two year old, extremely smart boxer / labrador retriever mix who came to the shelter already knowing a whole line up of tricks (sit, down, shake, stay, come and of course High Five to name a few).  He came to the shelter, because his previous owners could no long care for him.

Why on earth would you name a dog Harry Henderson?  I think I would just call him Harry.  I will say that by the time you read this, it may be too late.  There has been interest in this one year old hound mix who was brought to the shelter as a stray - somebody actually has put him on hold him until Monday.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for him.  He was a great dog that walked very politely on leash.   

If you are a physically strong and capable of handling and training a two year old active Bullmastiff / Bulldog mix, Daddio could be the dog for you.  He's a big boy who is very active and in need of some training. 
As a reminder, most dogs do not put their best foot forward while residing at the shelter.  Also with so many Pit Bulls in the shelter, I would like to remind folks that the pits are still my favorites - plug your ears Lola.  Eighteen months ago I would not have said this - but since I started volunteering at the shelter, I have found them to be the most loving dog there is.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Chance for Brutus to Meet Lola

That's right today was my opportunity to meet the Littlefield's dog Lola and we got along splendidly!  But the question I have is - what the H E double L am I still doing at the Bangor Humane Society looking for my forever home?

Okay, enough whining for me and more about the day.  Just as a reminder - this is the second post about me.  To read more, go to the previous post.

When first meeting the Littlefield's dog Lola, we did a friendly play bow and decided very quickly that we would become best friends for the day.  I think I could get along very well with most dogs. 

After entering the house, I did a bit of exploring - upstairs, downstairs and then finally I found where they kept the toys!   Soft toys didn't interest me - well maybe just a little if they had a squeaker in them.  But I will say those Antler Sheddings are incredible (FYI to my forever home - click on the word Antler Sheddings).  Thank goodness Lola is the sharing type and there was enough for the two of us.  The two of us took our time and enjoyed what life had to offer without any problems.

After a bit we decided to burn off a little energy and started playing games that belonged outdoors.  You see I started chasing Lola and she started jumping on the couch.  That is when it was decided that the outdoors would be a good place for us.   I am truly a well behaved dog, but can easily become overstimulated and forget the rules.  
I will say that I did not think we would both fit into that little car especially since we were both very wound up.  But we did and we settled right down  We had to stay in the car for a few minutes while the Mrs made sure both gates were secured to the local tennis courts.  No we were not going to be playing tennis, but it seems like nobody else was playing either.

Once inside the fenced in area, I ran like crazy.  A tennis ball was tossed my way and I chased it, but didn't feel the need to return it - there were way more better things to do.  Such as chase Lola. 

What fun I had and I don't think I have burned off that much energy in quite some time.  I did mention earlier that I have a problem with becoming overstimulated - remember I am still quite young.  Well, I started getting so excited that I was jumping over the top of Lola.  That's when it was decided that the games would end on a happy note.  I was put on a leash and we were taken for a short walk.  I surprised the Mrs with how fast I was able to calm right down. 

Back in the car, I decided I was very tired and tried to lay down.  This was very comical - I think even Lola had to smile at this. 

Well I am back at the Bangor Humane Society waiting for my forever home.  Don't forget to read the previous post about my day in the Bangor City Forest or check me out on PetFinder.  If you are looking for a very well behaved young dog, I may be the dog for you. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Somebody Needs to Give Brutus a Chance!

You see the word chance came up more then a few times today while participating in Dogs Day Out.  Most folks were either saying my name should be Chance (as in the movie Homeward Bound) or somebody should give me a chance.  I think it should be the later.  If you gave me a chance and wanted to change my name to Chance that would be okay also.  I will say this - I am not as mischievous as the dog in the movie.

Well enough of that and more about my day out. 

I love car rides and sticking my head out the window is always a bonus.  When I was told to get into this little sports car, I had my doubts that I would fit.  But with the front seat pulled all the way back and in the laying down position, I fit in quite well.  If you were the type that likes their dogs sitting in the backseat, that would be just fine also.  On the way back from Petco, I jumped into the back seat and found it quite comfy for laying down - squished, but comfy.


While walking in the Bangor City Forest, I took in all the smells and kept wanting to taste the nice green grass.  No pulling for me, actually at most times I was on a very slack leash. 

Do I like children - you bet I do.  I also don't mind being patted by the children's owners either.  I never tried to jump on them or even give them kisses.  I just stood their enjoying what they had to offer.

How did I do with other dogs today???  There were no other dogs, so this challenge was not met.  I think I would have done fine, since when I heard a few in the far distance I barely bat an eye.

We came to a stream and it appears I may not have ever been around water.  When a rock was thrown in, I timidly put my nose in and it was kinda cool.

Now for the real challenge.  I did say Petco earlier, right?  Well, we went to Petco and I did great.  No pulling, just a lot of sniffing for me.  When we got to the counter with our stuff, I was offered a treat.  I sat up like a the well-mannered dog that I am and accepted the treat very gently.

I am now back at the Bangor Humane Society waiting for my forever home.  If you would like to give me a chance, please contact them soon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rollie Gets Adopted and This Time It's Forever!!!

I love telling a great story and this is truly a great one.  Usually I let the dog tell the story, but this time I am letting the angel who has adopted Rollie tell her story.  Being a photographer, I normally love taking credit for all photos on this blog.  But it appears that Rollie's new owner is also a photographer, so all photos in this post were taken be her.

"On our trip to Massachusetts to visit with family over the 4th ..our boy Jimmie-Rae (Pit bull ) age 13 passed away. I could not handle the thought of going back to Nova Scotia to an "empty" I did something I never thought I would do..I went to the Bangor Humane Society and adopted ROLLIE!!! He is doing wonderful and seems to love it here...thank you to all that have been in Rollie's life over the past few months...The love that was shown the day of the adopted was something I will never forget!!!"

I am so happy that a dog as special as Rollie has found such a great home.  Sometimes things are just meant to be and this appears to be one of those times.  Thank you for all involved in this adoption!