Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hi my name is Marley and I have a story to tell.  You see I was born with double hip dysplasia and could barely walk the first year of my life - that's the sad part.  Now for the happy part - I have recently had double hip surgery and am feeling like a new dog.  I am still going for physical therapy which is kinda cool - I get to run in a tank of water at these sessions.  Well, that's enough about all my medical stuff and now I'll tell you about my day out.

I love riding in cars and prefer the backseat where I can stretch out.  I also love other dogs, but I will say the Littlefield's dog Lola is quite standoffish.  I tried barking at her and she still would not give me the time of day.  I think she was a bit jealous - you see I am a really cute lab mix who is only a year old.

We went for a walk down the street and I will say that I did great walking on a leash - no pulling for me.  There was a small fenced in area that Lola and I were able to go off leash and we found we had one thing in common - that is smells!!!  After all this walking and sniffing, Lola decided she needed a rest and I couldn't resist the opportunity to lay right down beside her. 

Well back in the house, I made myself right to home.  You see all that walking made me a bit tired and I had already been given the thumbs up to snooze on the comfy couch.  If they had said no, I would have truly understood.  You see I do know right from wrong, because I am a very smart dog.

Well back here at the Bangor Humane Society waiting for the perfect match.  You see I will not be able to go to just anybody.  My new owners will need to show they have the time to commit to keep up with my on-going physical therapy and give me an active life.  They will also need to show they have the funds available to pay for my therapy and any problems that may arise in the future.  If I sound like the dog for you, please contact the Bangor Humane Society soon.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sometimes it Takes a Village

Sometimes it takes a village and it appears that is the case with me Buddy.  The good news is that I have a family who has taken me under there wing to give me the much needed TLC (remember, Time / Love / Consistency) which I desperately need. 

Now for the village part -
  • The Bangor Humane Society has agreed to be there with any support they can give
  • Bangor Pet Resort has agreed to let me continue daycare a few days a week (BTW - I love playing with all the other dogs and this time gives me some much needed exercise)
  • Lastly Green Acres is going to do a behavior evaluation on me in a few weeks just to see what makes me tick and give my new family some guidance on how to deal with my erratic behavior issues. 
As I have said before, I am a great dog who has gotten a bad rap.  With all of these folks believing in me and the TLC I am sure to get at me new home, I can't wait to report back soon that life is grand!!!