Saturday, October 25, 2014


Since Lola has entered our home, she has made sure we know that she wishes to be an only dog :(  I have continued to be involved with the Bangor Humane Society, but have not been participating as often in the Dog's Day Out program.

Currently there is a dog named Panda residing at the shelter.  She reminds me a lot of Jack (click on the name to read his post) who this blog is dedicated to.  Panda is an incredibly sweet girl who does not put her best paw forward in her kennel.  She absolutely loves her ball and is often hesitant of giving it up even though she would love to chase it.  If you are looking for a dog like Panda, visit the Bangor Humane Society today and remember that she does not like her kennel ...and I'm sure you can understand why.

If I close my eyes really tight and make a wish, 
do you think it will come true?

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