Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Out for Daisy (a.k.a. Mama)

What a great day this was!  A bit rainy, but this was my day out for a little R&R.  I have been residing at the Bangor Humane Society for quite some time:(  Why? you ask - because my previous owners were not the responsible type and it kinda rubbed off on me.  I will let you know that things for me have changed and I have been spayed and will no longer be adding to the problem of unwanted dogs.  You guessed it, I had a litter of the cutest puppies.  They have all been adopted and here I sit just waiting for my forever home. 

A little bit about myself before we talk about my day.  I am a Chihuahua and am very calm.  I love to be held and would give you a kiss if you would like.  Now I'd love to tell you about my day and how I behaved. 
To begin with we went for a walk and it is Spring and there is all that nice, new grass that had rain drops all over it.  YUM!  I was able to try just a little and then we had to continue on our walk.  I walk very politely on leash.

Once in the house, I did a bit of exploring before the Littlefield's dog Lola arrived home.  Boy, was she excited to see me.  Almost too excited - it took her a while before she could settle down.  I don't mind dogs once they are calm - like me, but she was a bit overwhelming at the beginning.  Yes, I am fairly calm and just like to hang out.  While Lola played tug with the Mrs, I found a little toy to bat around.  I will say that I don't enjoy toys as much as some dogs.

All this excitement made me just a little bit tired.  A big yawn and I was sleepy.  Lola also needed a nap while the adults in the home did a bit of puttering.  I think I would like to live in a nice quiet home.

 Once I woke up, I was ready for a belly rub - remember this was a day of Rest and Relaxation.  Oops, I may not be the most attractive from this angle, but FYI it hasn't been that long since I was nursing a litter of puppies.  That's why they keep calling me Mama Dog.

  Did I say the adults were puttering.  Well, the Mrs was in the kitchen making chicken salad and saved a few pieces for Lola and me.  Again, YUM!  Lola and I got along just fabulously sharing turns at receiving morsels of chicken.  No spatting for us.  We just waited patiently for our turn.

The drive back to the shelter was great.  I am small enough that I would love to sit in the driver's lap and help drive, but realize that would be an irresponsible thing to do.  So sitting in the passenger seat went just fine.  I do like to have a little reassuring pat every once in a while.

If you are looking for a very small, very cute, very calm and very, very responsible dog, please check me out by either stopping be the Bangor Humane Society or going to PetFinder.

If you are NOT looking for a dog that resembles a dog like me, don't forget there are other dogs available.  There are other small dogs, a beautiful german shepherd, a beagle and sad to say many more.


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