Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rollie Spends the Weekend Recuperating @ the Littlefield's

I am a very  loving pit bull who has recently had knee surgery.  My foster family had to go away for the weekend and this gave me the opportunity to go visit the Littlefields and their dog Lola.

I would have loved to get out there and run with Lola,  but that was not part of my rehabilitation.  I love most dogs and would do well in a home with other dogs.  Lola at times got a bit jealous, but I could understand where she was coming from and let her be.  It could also have been that I know my manners and always do as told.  You see Lola has alot of terrier in her and well.... we wouldn't want to discriminate against a breed, but she can be quite stubburn.  FYI - I didn't mean to show her up in the manners department, that's just me!

I will let you know that I am a bit of a sleepy head.  Napping on a Saturday afternoon or sleeping in on a Sunday morning is just fine for me.  The addition of a nice dog bed and I will sleep like a baby and also snore like crazy!

I don't care much for the stuffed dog toys.  But please, please, please consider giving me one of those antler sheddings that Lola has.  She didn't think too much of them until I showed up - thank goodness there was more then one! 

One more thing that I really love is being held and giving kisses.  Obviously this was one thing that did not make Lola very happy,  but how could I resist such a great invitation.  FYI - with two humans in the household, there were enough hugs and kisses for two dogs!!!

Well the weekend was great, but for now I am settled back in with my foster family and their dog Pepper.  I have just recently been put up for adoption, but will not be residing at the Bangor Humane Society.  I will be staying with my foster family.  If you are interested in me and would like to set up a meeting, call the Bangor Humane Society at 942-8902.  Please do this sooner then later, since I am a really great dog and hope not to be available for long.

BONUS - If you haven't seen enough of me to make you want to run to the phone and make that call, check out the video that the Bangor Humane Society has made about the time I spent with my foster family.

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