Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not All Dogs Like Other Dogs or Rollie is Available for Adoption

Just because you're a dog, does not mean you will like all other dogs - especially when that dog wants to be part of your family.  Many dogs love being an only dog and wonder why we would bring competition into their home.  I will say that I understand where they are coming from - I am a very social person who loves other people, but I love my space and would not be happy having somebody else moving into my home.

This is what happened to Rollie.  The initial meeting with family members, including their family dog, went splendidly.  As much as Rollie would have loved being part of a two dog family, their dog decided that it had been perfectly happy being an only dog.  I will say that when Rollie visited my home for the weekend, he was very easy going and could easily be pushed around by Lola.  This probably added to the problem, since the other dog sensed that he could be a bully and Rollie would not fight for her spot.

Well you guessed it, Rollie is again available for adoption.  To see what a great dog he is, check out his previous post to see how well he behaved at my home for the weekend.  After you have read this and have decided that he is the dog for you, call the Bangor Humane Society .  He is spending his time in foster care, so you will need to make an appointment to meet him.

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