Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Murdoc wants a hug...

What the heck is Murdoc doing back at the shelter???  I will say that the Bangor Humane Society does a great job in making sure folks (yes, the two legged ones) realize the responsibility of adopting a pet and they also do their best in making sure each adoption is the right fit.  But every once in a while the adopter is not who they portrait and that's what happened to poor Murdoc.

Sadly to say  he is back in the shelter waiting for the right owner who is not only responsible, but is also looking for a dog who just wants to hug. I've been volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society for almost two years and I don't think I have seen a dog who just wants to sit and hug as much as Murdoc. The downside of being sooo loving is that he does not like being left alone. He would definitely not do well in a home where he was left for the day while the humans were at work.

I did bring Murdoc to my home to meet Lola a while back and that did not go well at all. You see Lola likes dogs who love to play with her. In fact, Lola really likes dogs who do not like me. Murdoc could care less about other dogs, but loves to hug and sit next to humans. Obviously it was not a great scene. My thoughts are that poor Murdoc deserves a home where there is no competition for the hugs and kisses from the two legged folks.

If you are interested in a dog that just wants to be loved, contact the Bangor Humane Society asap.

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