Saturday, October 8, 2011

Paw's on Parade 2011

What a successful (although wet) day it was last Saturday for the Bangor Humane Society.  That is the day Paw's on Parade gathered 300 humans and their dogs to walk and raise over $56,000 to benefit the shelter and the animals they house. 

I attended with my dog Lola, husband and camera.  I captured too many photos to even try to post in a blog, but have add all photos to my photography website (click on the hi-lighted words). 

I will mention a few special moments to my day:

Seeing Chuck who had been a long term resident at the shelter (yes, "had been" means he was adopted this week).  He is a very sweet, well behaved dog who just needed a chance.  Those marble eyes of his made him look just a little bit crazy; which he was not.

Also attending from the shelter was Buddy.  What a handsome dog he is.  I believe at this time he is still waiting to be united with his new owners.

....and you all know me as being a sucker for a dog who loves me.  Well, this little beagle couldn't keep his eyes off from me.  Oops - it was his nose and it wasn't me:(  It happened to be the pocket full of treats I had.  He sniffed me out anytime I was within smelling range.  And the children were delightful.  Thanks to them for rescuing such a great sniffing dog.

Thanks to those involved and thank you to all those who have adopted/rescued a dog and given them the much deserved chance!!!

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