Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heinz and his Special Day!

It's been a while since I have taken a dog for a special day out - my life became quite crazy and although I have spent time volunteering the Dog's Days Out have not been happening.  Enough with excuses - I will say it feels great to be back at it!  Now I will let Heinz tell you all about his special day - 

Being chosen to participate in Dog's Day Out was a great surprise and if you read to the end of this blog you will find my greatest surprise.  Strong hint - I am no longer available for adoption.

We started out the day by going to the Orono Farmer's Market.  This is a really nice place to meet other dogs, children and some really great people.  The Mrs does not normally take dogs from the Bangor Humane Society to this event, because it is a very busy place to go.  I did great and was on my best behavior.  I received pats from many children and I responded to each with a wag of the tail.

While at the market we met an elderly women who was accompanied by her daughter - this women pulled at my heart strings.  She kept telling the same story over and over again about the dog she once had named Max, then she would hold my face, look into my eyes and ask me my name.  She was told it was Heinz many times, but I feel she knew that I have not had that name for long and wanted to know the name I had prior to Heinz.  I sure do wish I could have told it to her.

At the Littlefield home, I was introduced to Lola.  Lola by the way is very anti-social when it comes to dogs in her home.  She wouldn't even look at me and when I sniffed her backside, she flicked her tail at me and walked off.  I tried barking at her (this is the only time I barked all day) and she still ignored me.

It was a tight fit for me riding in the Littlefield's tiny car, but I did great sitting in the backseat.  If you are one to love looking in your rearview mirror and seeing a dog's face, I may have been the dog for you (fyi - I am no longer available for adoption).

You are probably interested in more then how my day went - you are probably interested in me.  I came into the shelter as a stray, so there is not a lot known about me except for the fact that I am very laid back for being approximately four years old.  No jumping for me - which is a good thing since I weigh over 80 pounds, no begging, no pulling and I take treats very gently.

Okay - now for the GREATEST Surprise!  In the parking lot of the shelter, we met a women looking for a dog just like me.  She has another dog named Alto who is getting pretty old and she wanted to add a dog, such as me, to their family.  When I met this women, I fell in love!  ...and when I met Alto, I knew that things were going to work out just splendidly!

                                          ....and the rest is history!

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