Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brady visits with the Fields

So what's a well mannered and sweet dog like me doing in foster care?  Well you see, I just hated being couped up in a kennel at the shelter.  All that stress and other dogs barking was making me not so happy. My lucky day was the day the Fields came in and decided I was the dog they would like to foster.  Even though I love it here, I need to get adopted, so they can go on to their next dog project.

How do I behave while at the Field's home.  Read on:

First of all I like other people and other dogs.  You see the Fields have this dog named Pepper and we really get along great.  I am quite friendly with children and I think I might actually like cats.  The Field's have a cat named Goldie and I get along with her fine.  Squirrels are another matter - they are fun to chase and could be interesting to catch:) 

I also love to go for walks.  I tend to pull if I see something of interest, so they started using a harness and that helps them keep me in control.  It also reminds me that they are in control.  I am an extremely smart dog and understand who is the master. 
Did I say smart?  One of the staff at BHS introduced me to clicker training and I picked right up on it.  I know the basic commands - sit, stay, come and down.  Of course, I also know the command out.  That's when Pepper and I race for the door.

I don't care much for toys, but treats are another story.  I do know that you take treats very gently.  In fact, somebody once said I was a gentleman when giving me a treat!  I know that's a good thing.

Furniture!!!  The Fields had a soft spot when they first brought me home - remember I was very stressed.  That's when they allowed me to get up on the couch and snuggle or curl up in the recliner.  All other

furniture is off limits and I do know that.  If you were to not want me on your furniture, that would be okay - maybe you could get me my own comfy bed!

I do love to lay in front of the woodstove.  I am short haired and could catch a chill, but I think it has more to do with the homey feeling I get.

Another thing I like doing, is riding in the car.  Always in the back seat and some of the time with Pepper.  Rides are always welcome, as long as they are not back to the shelter!

FYI - I am also crate trained.  I go into the crate willingly, especially if their is a Kong filled with peanut butter and a biscuit.  I am usually put in for the night and settle right down. 

If you are looking for a great, well mannered, sweet, smart dog; such as myself - call the Bangor Humane Society today at 942-8902 to make arrangements to meet me or check me out on PetFinder

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