Monday, December 6, 2010

More Puppies

Today was all about two very active puppies and they, along with their two brothers, are available for adoption at the Bangor Humane Society.   


The little girls name is Miss Piggy - as in the Muppets.  She is half the size of her brother, so I had a hard time with this name.  So I called her as I saw her "Little Girl".  The other puppy's name is Fozzy - as in the Muppets.  Being a big baby, I called him "Little Boy". 

Miss Piggy/Little Girl was very independent and didn't care to be held as much as her brother.  Once she was given a treat or toy, she was off and running - no way was she going to be put into a situation of sharing.

Fozzy/Little Boy enjoyed being held and would fall asleep in your arms.  He also was right there to pitch in if there was a job to be done - such as dishes.  :)  When he wanted something, he would start barking.  On the other hand if his sister wanted something, she would just go for it.  I would sit on the stairs and she made her way up.  He just sat and barked.


When it came to take a nap, she found the perfect spot on a stool in the corner.  Fozzy/Little Boy tried to take a nap on his own, but soon was looking to her for comfort - finally curling up next to the stool.


And yes they loved the Snow.  At first they were a bit timid, but once they made it off from the first step they were on a tear.   

The one thing neither puppies liked was being confined.  Since they were very curious and were not house trained, this was a must for an overnight.  After about ten minutes of crying, both settled down for a long winter's nap (I couldn't resist).

These puppies and their siblings are available for adoption at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you are looking for an adult dog, Brady is still available for adoption - read more about him in the previous two posts.

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