Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Overnight for Roscoe

The Littlefields did not know what they were in for when they picked me for an overnight.  The problem started right from the start - that is when I stole their hearts.  This is something they were not prepared for - remember they have recently taken a liking for the pit bulls and I am a miniature poodle.

How was my night out:

The car ride was great, since I laid down in the front seat and had my belly rubbed the whole way to the Littlefield home.  I love belly rubs!!!

Treats are great and I take them very gently.  I do sit and I do stay.  Off is a command that I need to be reminded of.  It's just that I get soooo excited.  I want to be held and I want you to see me.

Toys are fun.  I know how to retrieve and return - not bad for a poodle.

I love to be held like a baby.  And did I mention belly rubs???

Bed time was great especially when I was invited to share their bed!!!  I don't think they had ever shared a bed with a dog before.

In the morning they went to work and left me by myself.  That's when I had an accident.  Did I say accident?  Because that's what it was - I did not mean to do it!!!  Not only pooo, but pee too:(  When they went into that room, I went straight to my bed.  I felt bad, but it was an accident!

Well, I'm back at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you're looking for a dog like me, come on in and check me out.

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