Friday, February 25, 2011

Night Out for Diesel

Yikes - did I screw up.  I was doing so well until I decided to mark my territory.  The Littlefields were downstairs having a little bit of human conversation when I slipped off to their bedroom and decided to leave a present on the floor and leave a big yellow spot right in the middle of their bed.  Once the Mrs saw this, I realized whose territory it was and who was in control.  Boy was she mad and what was a fun night soon turned into not so fun.  If you read all the way to the end, you will see that she softened up a bit and determined with training I may not be so bad.

So how was my night before this terrible event.  Great and let me tell you a little bit about it.

The car ride was interesting.  It appears that I have not gone on many car rides, since I roamed quite a bit - not disruptive.  I just didn't settle down.

Did I mention that I'm a chic magnet?  We pulled up next to this car full of girls and they all looked at me and started smiling; I started wagging all over.  They all laughed and I wagged even more.  I think I like girls:)  This happened not only once - but twice.

To tell you the truth, I think I love life.  I have a ton of energy and am a very busy boy who likes to go, go, go!  I love toys with squeakers in them.  If you want to toss them, I will retrieve them and wait patiently for the next toss.  If you don't want to play that game, I will take them and throw them around myself.  Like I said - very busy.

Treats are great!  I love to hide them and then to go find them.  I spent a good portion of the time looking for hiding places and trying to cover them up with whatever I could find - jackets, blankets, oops - her favorite sweater.  The Littlefields thought this was kind of funny until they had a vision of waking up the next morning with a big hole dug into their couch.  Maybe it would be wise to introduce me to crate training, since I might have a hard time controlling myself.  I hope tonight goes better then they anticipate.

Well to tell you the truth, going to bed was not that bad at all.  They put the dog bed right next to their bed and shut the door (the Littlefields don't own a crate).  I spent the first five minutes trying to bury the treat they had given me, but finally settled down when it fell underneath the dog bed.  Once it was buried, I was ready for a long snooze.

The next morning we went for a long walk - no pulling for me.  Not eve a little tug.  I will say I love to smell and I love to look around.  Climbing snowbanks makes it so you can see even further.

Just so you know after the big incident, I did settle down quite a bit.  If you are interested in a training a very busy dog who loves to give kisses (oops, I forgot to mention this part about me.  Yes, will give you a nice big kiss right on the ear.), you can find me at the Bangor Humane Society.

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