Saturday, February 19, 2011

Overnight for Briggs

This overnight for me was like a child going to Grammies!  The Littlefield's have more then their share of toys and treats.  Too bad I'm not a treat kind of dog, but it was fun having them offered to me.  I would sniffed and then turn up my nose.  Only a few times did I take a biscuit - not bad, but.....  FYI - people food is very appealing, but I wasn't offered much of this.  The exception was scrambled eggs with my breakfast - YUMMMM.

Did I mention toys?  I love stuffed toys with sqeakers in them.  I love them soooo much that I do not destroy them.  I love having them tossed to me and yes - I do retrieve.  One of the few words I know is OUT.  I drop that toy like a hot potato and patiently wait for it to be tossed again.  Balls, kongs and hard toys are of no interest to me, but that may be that there were soooo many soft toys.

Okay this is where the spoiling really starts - it seems that the Littlefields allow dogs on their couch - couch only, no chairs!  Boy was that ever relaxing.  They wanted to play and cuddle this morning, but it would have meant leaving the comfort of the couch.  I will let you know that cuddling isn't bad, but enough is enough.  FYI - I love to give kisses, but even that just a few at a time.  As you can see, I am pretty laid back.


Outdoors was COLD:)  I am short-haired and skinny, so short walks are great - but the idea of lounging on the couch was hard to get out of my mind.

Okay, now's the time for a few confessions.  I had an accident last night.  The Littlefields forgot to take me out before bed.  When I woke up and had to go, I didn't know what to do - so the rest is history:(  They woke up and sad "Bad Dog" and I felt really bad.  I didn't mean to, but I didn't know where they were.

Confession number two - Men in uniforms need to go very slow.  I was a bit nervous seeing a FedEx guy come into the house and got very timid and did some barking.  FYI - it seems as though a guy wearing a uniform like that has some experience with barking dogs.

Let's end on a good not - I love car rides.  I sit right up and watch what's going on, but eventually will curl up in the front seat (I am small) and take a nap.

The Littlefields think I am a pretty special well behaved dog, so if that's what you're looking for I'm back at the Bangor Humane Society.  I am hoping to find a forever home soon!


  1. Briggs, is really a pure breed american pitbull terrier, named Mason. he will be three years old June 26. Glad 2 see he got into a good home. Doesn't like 2 be alone, and is very friendly with children.Doesnt like bigger male dogs!!

  2. Mason is an awesome dog wish i would've known he was in the BHS my son has grown up with that dog and sadly misses his mason. He was 18 months old when mason came into his life. That was his uncles dog which he became very close to. we'll miss you mason.

  3. Anonymous - This is bittersweet. It is too bad that Mason ended up at the shelter, but it sounds like he found his way to a good home. We enjoyed him for the night we had him and I think he enjoyed us. If you would like higher resolution photos, do not hesitate to contact me and I will e-mail them to you.