Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night of Hugs for Agnus

People call me two-faced, but that's not a bad thing.  Being a two-faced dog is different then being a two-faced person.  I will say if you ever wanted a dog that was full of hugs, you should take a peek at me.  I love, love, love to hug!!!  If you say off, I will just sit and wait until you want more hugs!

Enough about me, this time should be about how my night went while participating in Dog's Day Out.

Our first mission was a trip to Petco.  Did they have some really smelly stuff - and I mean that in a good way.  After a little searching, it was determined that we would purchase a giant bone and some Beggin' Strips.  To tell you the truth - we should have bought more Beggin's Strips and left the bone for some other dog.  I thought a toy would be in order, but it seems the Littlefield's have more then their share of toys.  AND YES, everybody in the store thought I was adorable and soooo well behaved. 

Once in the Littlefield home, I ran from room to room checking things out. Not in a bad way, just curiously looking.  I will say I was very well behaved and did not jump on furniture or get into things that are not for dogs.

Yes, they did have more toys then a dog would know what to do with.  I found my favorite which was a stuffed animal with a squeaker inside.  We played toss and retrieve.  At first I didn't know I was supposed to return it, but soon realized that this was a fun game.  When we swapped over to a ball that squeaked, I stopped doing the return thing - I just don't like the feel of that ball:(  I will say I am very gentle with whatever is given me.

After the Littlefield's ate supper, we went for a walk in a big parking lot full of huge construction equipment.  It was a bit scary since it was after dark, but also quite interesting.  I walked great on leash and did not spend a lot of time pulling.

Bedtime was a scarier then just a bit for me.  You see I was thinking that I would be invited in the nice big bed, but this was not the case.  I was suppose to sleep downstairs.  Although they did put a dog bed in their room, but not very close to them - remember I love hugs and it was not close enough for even a little hug.  So I stayed downstairs, but kept going up the stairs to check and make sure somebody wasn't waiting for a hug.  Soon they realized that the dog bed needed to be very close to their bed.  After this happened everybody, including dogs, got a good nights sleep.

In the morning we went out for a bit and it was very COLD!!!  I do not particularly like the cold, so if you do and you think I'm the dog for you - you'll need to run out and buy me a coat and maybe some little booties.  At noon we went out and the weather was great, but what's with all these snowbanks. 

FYI - I'm back at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you are looking for a very well behaved dog, come on over to check me out.  If you're not looking for a two-faced kinda dog, take a look at Max - remember the dog you see in the kennel, is not the dog you will end up with when it comes to him.  You can go to his post by clicking on his name.

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