Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bobby and his Brother Billy are Looking for a Retirement Home

That's right my brother Billy and I are in need of a nice quiet home to retire in.  You see I'm blind and my brother is half blind, so we kind of depend on one another.  That is why we need to find somebody that is looking for a package deal.  Well enough about that - I need to tell you about my day spent outside of the shelter.

First off car rides are something I need to get used to.  I did a bit of whining.  But when the window was open, I seemed to really enjoy the fresh air.

In the Littlefield home I really enjoyed all the smells of other dogs.  I am pretty much blind, so I had to be careful of bumping into things.  It didn't take me long to figure out where to go.  By the way I love cuddling - it's the best.  If you like holding a dog like a baby, that would be me.

When their dog Lola came home from her outing, it seemed like we would get along just fine.  She was a little playful, but is used to being gentle since she has spent a ton of time around puppies.  Then I had to give a big dog bark (where did that come from).  After that playtime was over.

The Mrs was quite surprised at how much I loved the outdoors.  I said I was blind, but my sniffer still works and wow were the smells in the yard just great!!!

You may be asking yourself if I'm a package deal why my brother was left behind.  You see he had to get himself fixed (even though he wasn't broken).  He is now part of the responsible group of dogs that will not be adding to the overpopulation of the dog world.

Well I'm back at the shelter with Billy (that's my brother), just waiting for the special retirement home.  If you are looking for a couple of old hotdogs, don't forget to check us out at the Bangor Humane Society.

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