Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mia meets Lola

Just a little bit about myself - I am a BUSY (note - all capitals) Jack Russell Terrier!!!  That being said, you probably want to know how my afternoon went at the Littlefields.

First off I met their new dog named Lola.  We got along great.  It was like having a giant stuffed toy to play with.  I found great pleasure in tugging on her, sniffing her backside and nipping at her face. 

That's when the Littlefields decided that they would bring out some real toys.  I loved retrieving these and then Lola and I got to playing tug.  What a great game and to be able to play it with another dog.  What a BLAST (note - all capitals) this was!!!

Once that game was over, the man of the house wanted me to sit with
him.  I did for a bit, but remember I am BUSY!!!  I can run faster then they can, so that's when we played the game Catch Me If You Can.  That was also tons of fun.  It looks like the Littlefields know all sorts of fun games; which makes it very difficult for a dog to settle down. 

On the ride back to the Bangor Humane Society, I sat in the lap of the Mrs (she was the passenger) and settled right down.  FYI - I think if they hadn't had Lola to get me all wound-up, I would have settled down sooner.  Well I'm back at the shelter just waiting for a forever home.

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