Saturday, July 16, 2011

Somebody Needs to Give Brutus a Chance!

You see the word chance came up more then a few times today while participating in Dogs Day Out.  Most folks were either saying my name should be Chance (as in the movie Homeward Bound) or somebody should give me a chance.  I think it should be the later.  If you gave me a chance and wanted to change my name to Chance that would be okay also.  I will say this - I am not as mischievous as the dog in the movie.

Well enough of that and more about my day out. 

I love car rides and sticking my head out the window is always a bonus.  When I was told to get into this little sports car, I had my doubts that I would fit.  But with the front seat pulled all the way back and in the laying down position, I fit in quite well.  If you were the type that likes their dogs sitting in the backseat, that would be just fine also.  On the way back from Petco, I jumped into the back seat and found it quite comfy for laying down - squished, but comfy.


While walking in the Bangor City Forest, I took in all the smells and kept wanting to taste the nice green grass.  No pulling for me, actually at most times I was on a very slack leash. 

Do I like children - you bet I do.  I also don't mind being patted by the children's owners either.  I never tried to jump on them or even give them kisses.  I just stood their enjoying what they had to offer.

How did I do with other dogs today???  There were no other dogs, so this challenge was not met.  I think I would have done fine, since when I heard a few in the far distance I barely bat an eye.

We came to a stream and it appears I may not have ever been around water.  When a rock was thrown in, I timidly put my nose in and it was kinda cool.

Now for the real challenge.  I did say Petco earlier, right?  Well, we went to Petco and I did great.  No pulling, just a lot of sniffing for me.  When we got to the counter with our stuff, I was offered a treat.  I sat up like a the well-mannered dog that I am and accepted the treat very gently.

I am now back at the Bangor Humane Society waiting for my forever home.  If you would like to give me a chance, please contact them soon.

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