Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dog's Day Out for Chuck

If you have been to the Bangor Humane Society in the last few months, you have probably seen a dog with marble eyes.  Well that dog is me - Chuck.  I am what they call a long term resident.  There have been other great dogs written about on this blog who have also been long term residence.  We all remember Jack, Vicki and Bubba - all great dogs that took a little longer then norm to find the perfect home.  Well that's me - just hanging out here waiting for the perfect match.

Enough about me and more about me day out:

It started out with having a harness put on me.  I will say that a harness makes a dog feel like the human is in control and makes a dog not want to pull so much.  While on dog-walk here at the shelter, I give the workers a true workout - meaning I pull quite a bit.  But once that harness was put on me, I slowed right down and enjoyed the walk.

I will say I love car rides.  Especially sticking my head out the window - just head, no body:)  I think I would have really liked a car with windows in the backseat - but at this point I am not going to be choisy. 

Our walk went great with me sniffing and then watering every thing in sight (if you get my drift).  I will say that I only watered the green stuff - never tires like some dogs do.  While out we met many people and dogs.  The Mrs always started out cautiously, since word is that I may not care for other dogs (obviously, I wasn't aware of this today).  Today I fell for all dogs and most people. 

While on our walk, I did have one person spook me.  She was the lady in the caretakers building.  I was looking at that building like it would be a nice place to visit and then out of nowhere up pops a head.  Boy, was I spooked.  I started barking; trying to say stay away.  This women really wanted to meet me, but new that I was quite nervous.  This is when the Mrs distracted me by having me show my stuff - I know sit, stay, down, paw and a whole lot more.  As with most dogs, a treat is in order after such a performance.  That's when the lady slowly approached me and gae me lots of reassuring pats.  After this, I decided it would be fun going in her building.  That's when she suggested my name should be Snoopy.

Speaking of names - my name is Chuck.  Not a bad name, but if you decided you liked something else I could adjust.  Somebody on the trail mentioned they would name me Mesmer, since my eyes are quite mesmerising.  FYI - I am not blind.  I just have very different eyes or you may say special.  They make me look a bit loco, but I'm not.  I am just a great well behaved pit bull looking for a forever home.

Further down the trail, we met a woman who had two collie rescues.  We did a bit of meet and greet then continued our walk with them.  The Mrs and this woman got to walking and talking about everything from shelter dogs to art - and us dogs just walked along enjoying each others company and sniffing all there was to sniff.  Word has it that these dogs don't know how to play - I did a few play bows and they just looked at me.  I did say that there was a lot of talking going on - well so much that we lost track of time.  We spent over half an hour with them and then realized time was running out and we needed to get going.  Speaking of running - we had to run all the way back to our car!!! 

Well back at the shelter waiting for the perfect home.  Please remember that looks aren't everything - behind these crazy eyes of mine is a very well behaved dog who would love to be loved.

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