Sunday, January 30, 2011

Foster to Adopt

Have you ever wished that you could take a dog from the shelter and just try him out?  Good News - Bangor Humane Society has a program that allows you to foster special dogs for two weeks before making that final decision.  What makes a dog special?  There are some dogs that hate the kennel environment so much that it is impossible for them to put their best foot forward.  This program gives potential owners a chance to see what a sweet dog they are in a home environment - your home.

The great news is Max a Million and Bubba are two of these special dogs.  If you would like to test drive (oops - I meant foster) one of the great dogs with the option to buy (oops - I meant adopt), hurry to the Bangor Humane Society today.

I personally have taken both of these dogs and they are wonderful outside the kennel environment.  Max is a giant sweetheart - don't let his size scare you away.  He is very gentle and easy to walk.  Bubba is well Bubba - just a great dog.  Don't forget to check out their posts by clicking on their hi-lighted name.

PS - On Monday Bubba was taken home by a family hoping to adopt him soon.  Wishing Bubba and his new home our best.

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