Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Day of Volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society

While Lola was laying low with a bit of a cold, I spent some time at the Bangor Humane Society.  I showed up just in time for dog walk.  All dogs get out at least twice a day to do what they have to do.  During this time they get a bit of fresh air and a nice walk.  If you like to walk dogs, this could be an opportunity for you.

When first let out most dogs want to take off pulling this way and then that, but once they calm down, a hug and affection are in order.  All dogs have their own story, but most are also very loving with a lot to give. 

Today being somewhat quiet, I could not control myself with the camera.  Here is a medley of the dogs available at the Bangor Humane Society as we speak.  Remember, you can receive a full profile by calling the shelter at207-942-8902 or visiting Pet FinderHUGE FYI - these dogs while at the Bangor Humane Society are very well cared for, but unfortunately dogs in a shelter do have to be in a kennel (and yes, it does have the appearance of a jail cell).

Lucky, a Hound X who loves hugs!!!  I walked this dog and he was a sweetheart!

Isobel, a Husky/Pitbull mix. 

Chloe, a beautiful German Shepherd:

Gracie, a Pug / Terrier:

Cooper, a Beagle:

Summer, a Polt Hound. Who can resist those eyes?

Shamrock, a small Pit Bull:

Kona, a Hound / Pit Bull mix:

 Mr Big Stuff:

 Paul Bunyun, Basset Hound/Shepherd.  Who comes up with these names???

 Daytona, Husky:

Thea, Tebitan Terrier.  Whoa, this dog does not shed!!!  

Grimley, Airdale Terrier:

And last but not least - a cute little puppy named Torri:

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