Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day out for Rudy

Just a few words to give you an idea who I am: Puppy / Lover / Shepherd Mix.  That's right I am a six month old shepherd mix puppy who is full of love.  I am looking for somebody to take me home and give me tons of attention.  In return, I will give them a ton of loving. 

Today was a great day.  It started out with somebody coming into my kennel to give me a hug.  I love hugs and I love giving kisses.  That's when it was determined that I was the pick for Dog's Day Out.  How did it go, I already mentioned - today was a great day.

When I was first put into the car, I was a little out of control - well maybe more then a little.  Once the car was put in gear, I settled right down and sat in the back seat just like a big dog.


Meeting the Littlefield's dog Lola was a ton of fun.  I think I surprised her by going right up to her and giving her a big kiss right on the nose.  Then we started racing around.  That's when the adults decided we needed to take it outdoors.  I was put on an extra long lead and we ran like crazy.  This way and then that way.  Me chasing her and then her chasing me.

At one point, the man of the house brought out the treats.  Yes, I do know how to sit for a treat.  I also know how to come for a treat.  Yes, I do like treats!!!

On our way back to the Bangor Humane Society, the Mrs decided to take me for a walk in the City Forest.  I will say that I passed the walking on the leash test - no pulling for me.  We met other dogs, which I wasn't all that interested in.  We met children, which I wasn't interested in until they asked if they could pat me.  I sat  very quietly while they pet me.  I wanted to give them a kiss, but that didn't happen.  We also came acrossed a stream and that was interesting.  I waded a bit and then had a puppy burst - that water was cold!!!

I am now back at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you are looking for a young shepherd mix puppy that will grow into becoming a great companion - man's/woman's best friend, come check me out.  You can also read more about me by checking out Pet Finder.

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