Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meeting Old Friends

This was not a day for Dog's Day Out for the dogs at Bangor Humane Society, but was a day of meeting up with dogs I have posted to my blog in the past. 

What a treat it has been to attend training classes with my dog Lola and meeting up with Briggs (who is now named Westley).  Who could forget a face like his.  If you recall, he is the dog I wanted to rename Adam or Lambert.  This lucky dog appears to have found the perfect match.

Then while visiting Petco, who do we meet up with but Max.  I never actually took Max home, but spent some time photographing him.  He was one of those wise old dogs who makes you wonder what he's thinking.  I can't resist sharing photos taken that day.  And again, he also has found a wonderful forever home!

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