Sunday, August 15, 2010


How was my day out on August 15th:

  • The car ride was great once I settled down in the front seat. First I was put in the back of a Subaru and quickly jumped into the front, then returned to the back. Then when the car was put in gear, I decided the front was where I wanted to be.

  • I was on my best behavior, but it seems as that is just me - a good dog.
  • If your garden has that nice tall grass in it, I would love to meet you. I fell in love with the garden and had a hard time resisting this grass. I was bribed with Kongs, belly rubs, etc - but I kept remembering that nice tall grass waiting for me.

  • I don't understand people that would invite a dog over and then decide to eat a meal in front of him. They did give me the Kong thing (again), but.....     Did I beg???   Not really. I did go over to check out what was on the plate, but when I was told to "leave it" and given the pointing finger I went and laid down. To heck with the Kong, I don't need to be bribed in order not to beg.

  • Did I pass the test on sit / stay / down? Well, I don't like to sit. Either I don't feel comfortable or maybe that's just what I wanted them to think (when I sit without any command, I tend to sit off to the side). I did great with stay!!! and down - well I don't think they were persistent enough. I also took my rewards very gently - but it's not all about the treat. I will say this when it comes to obedience - I know that no means no!!!

  • I really like to walk and do very well on the leash. I was so good that we were able to use the Flexi; which I did very well with - I never even pulled to the end of the Flexi. We ended up walking on a path that lead to a field that was over my head. I don't think they realized how tall this grass was, but running and jumping in it made me very tired.

  • I did mention that I was tired. Once we returned to the house, it was definitely time for a nap. My previous owners mentioned that I had some separation problems when left outside alone - I think they might have said I was a whiner. I stayed outside here with no problems. Maybe it's because there was nothing special going on inside - no children to play with, etc.

  • The car ride back was great!!! All they needed to do, was say "stay" when putting me in the front seat - too bad they didn't think of that earlier. I loved sticking my nose out the window, but then I also loved curling up in the front seat. I do think car rides are a nice treat!!!

If you ask, I think you will be told that I am very sweet and a really great well behaved dog!!! 

I am available for adoption at the Bangor Humane Society - hurry I won't be here long:)


  1. Your writing makes me want to adopt him and I'm not a big dog person! ;-) Beautiful pictures.

  2. Love the Blog & the Photos!!! Lets you get a glimps of the dogs character & shows how happy they will be once they find their forever home!!! :-)

  3. I love Bandit and my family and I might adopt him(: We just have to have the whole family meet him first(:

  4. Lauren, are you the one who adopted Bandit? If so, how is he doing? He was always such a great dog.