Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bandit's Sleep-Over on August 20th

I can't believe I'm still at the shelter and I think this also surprises more than a few folks. But tonight was a special night - full of treats, walks and sleepovers.

  • First we went for a walk in the City Forest which is full of nice smells. We met a few humans, but none of any interest. When driving out I caught the eye of a few dogs. I did a few barks saying "Hi, it's me Bandit" and then I started whining. I wonder what would have happened if I were actually to meet these dogs.

  • It seems as though the Littlefields call Friday night snack night - I call it a night with plenty of treats. I can only imagine how they treat their grandchildren. Was I well behaved - you bet. I did not beg - just sat patiently waiting for the next treat. I will say I was selective with the treats - why do they feel they must hide things in the Kong?

  • I have a feeling they don't think the name Bandit fits me. She kept calling me Chance - I've seen the movie Homeward Bound and don't think I'm mischievous like that dog was. Although I am pretty happy-go-lucky once I'm out of the shelter.

  • Did I say happy-go-lucky? Well I had a few puppy bursts while out in the back yard, but was never out of control. You should have seen me go - this way, that way and then this way again. It was too much fun.

  • Well all that running sure did make me tired. When they went upstairs to call it a night, they said "stay" and you bet I stayed right on my bed all night. I did not even whimper or whine. Remember, my previous owners said I whined. Well, maybe that was my old self, because no more whining for me.

  • You may catch me whining in my kennel here at the shelter, but you'd whine too if you had to listen to barking dogs all day long!!!

  • Lastly I want you all to know that I am a very well behaved dog who knows his manners!!!  If you don't believe me - ask the Littlefields or any of the staff at the Bangor Humane Society. 

To learn more about me follow this link . 
***As a reminder, I whine when I think I might be missing out on something or when I am not happy - like being in a kennel next to barking dogs:(

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