Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Another Sleep-Over on August 24, 2010

 Boy just as the night was starting to be going my way - I got sprayed by a skunk. Then I get thrown in the tub and rinsed off, before the Mrs. read the direction to Skunk Off - do not give a bath / do not get pet wet!!! Oh well, surprisingly once I was thrown in the tub with all limbs stretched out resisting this adventure, I realized that baths are not that bad. I think I would have loved the soaping up part and being rubbed down. Well that didn't happen. Out of the tub - Skunk Off put on full strength (per directions) and I am starting to smell a bit better.

When I was picked up tonight for my overnight, I think I really disappointed the Littlefields.  You see I showed how misbehaved I've been at the shelter - at their house I am the perfect dog. But I can't help it - I hate all the barking those other dogs make. The Littlefields were also very surprised to see how mean I was to the dogs walking by my kennel. When I am out with them, we have encountered dogs at a distance and I always whimper making it appear as I would love to meet them. I think I would, but while at the shelter I know those dogs are making so much racket that I can't get any sleep.

Did I mention sleep? At this time, I love to sleep!!! I also had an overnight last night and can't believe I wasted it sleeping. You've got to remember, it's hard to get much sleep at the shelter. We did go for a couple of walks and they went great - no skunks, so that was really good.

If you are interested in a very well behaved dog, I could be the dog for you! Just come to the Bangor Humane Society to meet me. Also remember I don't like the kennel (in fact I hate it), so if you are really interested in me ask the front desk to meet me. You can learn more about me by following this link http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17061430 .


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