Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vicki - August 29th

How was my day during Dog's Day Out on August 29th?
  • The car ride was really good. I was put into the front seat and just sat there. I did put my nose out the window and that was cool.
  • We went to the Bangor City Forest for a long walk. No pulling, just strolling along taking in all the smells. Anytime we met somebody on the trail, we would step aside and let them go by. Most of the time I was on a slack leash, I never did pull. There were other dogs, children, bikes, joggers and they all went by without a blink. Some of the other dogs wanted to meet me, but the Mrs. said "No, this dog came to the shelter as a stray. I don't know how she will react." I say, look at me - slack leash, wagging tail, I think yes they could at least say "Hi". Oh well, maybe another time. The squeals of children made my tail wag, but when we saw them it wasn't that big a deal. The bikers and joggers flew by so fast I barely noticed them. Lastly in the parking lot somebody finally asked to pat me, yes that was a treat!!!
  •  Once inside the Littlefield home, I ran from room to room - never jumping on the furniture, I know better than that. I even ran up and down the stairs. They do have plenty of toys. It seems as though the other dogs were not partial to stuffed animals. Well I am - especially if they have a squeaker in them. Rumor has it that I tear up the stuffed animals at the shelter. Well after a few hours - this little stuffed animal was only missing one little paw.
  • If you want to learn from the Littlefield's experience, here are a few of the words they found work:
    • Sit / Stay / Down - those are the easy ones all dogs know. Well all the best behaved ones.
    • Drop it. They kept saying "Out" and I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. 
    • Leave it. Another no brainer. They loved using this command and were amazed that they would say "Down", then they would put a piece of chicken right in front of me and then they would say "Leave it". Guess what - I left it. Then came the best part - "Take it"!!!
    • Quiet. They left me outside (tied up, of course) just to see what I would do. I didn't like it and wanted them to know that I wanted to be with them, so I did a little bit of whining (maybe a lot of whining). They said "Quiet" and I went and laid down very quietly. They couldn't believe it, so they had to try this test a few more times. Yes, I passed.
  • Speaking of passing tests - I passed them all with flying colors. The only problem I had was the Littlefields don't like to play pull and tug with the toys and I love this game. Once they started saying "Drop it, leave it", we were all set - no more pulling.
  • The ride back to the shelter went smoothly. I decided stretching out in the backseat was very relaxing after such a busy day.
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