Saturday, August 14, 2010

How was my day out on August 13th:
  • First of all, I'm a pretty big dog and didn't really fit in the front seat of the car very comfortably - but all in all the ride was okay going. Coming back I was able to ride in the back and that was much better. I do appear to like car rides.
  • At the beginning, I could not settle down - panting, pulling and just plain not being the best dog. We went for a walk and I know there were thoughts that I should have a harness since I was really pulling hard.
  • Once we went for a walk and I settled down, I was really a great dog. I really like being inside - I loved laying on the cold floor with my back legs behind me. If you ever wanted a real live bear rug (that was actually a dog), I would be great for you.
  • Did I pass the test on sit / stay / down? You bet I did. I also took my rewards very gently - treats are always the best. I don't understand why they hide them in the Kong thing - I like them much better when you just hand them to me.
  • On our second walk, I was much better and the thought of harnesses went away and the flexi leash was brought out. I did some pulling, but was much easier to control.
  • When we arrived back at the shelter, I was back to my old self:( I was pulling, jumping and just being very rude. I wanted everybody to know - I am much better outside this place and while I'm here my bad manners are going to come out!!!
Lastly I am still available for adoption - come in and visit me at the Bangor Humane Society!!!

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