Saturday, October 30, 2010

...and the special project was PIBBLES!!!

Who can resist a puppy and you all know how I feel about pit bulls!!!  My life has been a whirlwind and these girls were ways to busy to talk for themselves.  It was tons of fun watching them grow in size and confidence in the last two weeks. 

The first few days in our home, I had a blast photographing them.  But within no time they were everywhere and it was a constant chase of picking up puddles and piles of poo.  In the later days, most photos were taken of them being held.  Otherwise, it was off to the races and all in a different direction.

In their eight weeks of life, these little girls have had three different names.  Since they were not mine and never would be mine, I decided to name them what they looked like -  Stripe, Freckles and Rosie.

At this time, I would like to tell a little bit about each one:

Stripe - is definitely the cutest of the bunch.  She is larger and comes across the more dominant.   She knows what she wants and will go all out to get it.  Most of the time it was the sunspot on the floor or the sitting on the heat grates - I can easily relate to these likes!!!  At times, she would just sit back and access the situation.  I always wondered at these times - what did she just do or what is she scheming.  She was the first to climb the stairs and found hiding under the bed very interesting.  As confident as she was, she was very timid about going outside.

Freckles - she turned out to be the favorite.  When the other two went for an overnight with another foster family, Freckles was left behind for some one on one time.  She was not feeling well that night and got a ton of being held time along with a ton of TLC.  She was sooo calm until the other two returned, then all hell broke out.  She wanted to make sure all dogs knew that all toys were hers and that she was the top dog of this house - that was until the real Top Dog (me) stepped in and gave her a talking to.  That night, unlike the previous, all dogs slept soundly in their little pigpile.  The next morning everything was back to normal - with the exception of my husband making sure Freckles did not get the blame for anything.

Rosie - she is by far the more dainty, petite, feminine of the three.  Most everyone who saw her thou ght she was the cutest little lab puppy - remember puppies look like puppies:)  She carried a big bark, but was rarely in the midst of an all out puppy fight.  When she found a toy she liked, she would grab it and run - no way was she going to have another dog come along and grab it.  This worked some of the time, but not always.  She also was the one that thought feet were a favored play toy.  Rosie loved the outdoors.  She was the one that would run the furthest from you and did not mind being the last to be let in.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect - Thursday morning we spoke of how it was almost time for them to be given up.  Thursday afternoon we received the phone call that surgery was scheduled for the next morning.  They truly were a great addition to the Littlefield household.  As I've always said "the goodbyes are the hardest.  But volunteering at the Bangor Humane Society, the goodbyes are the goal."  Goodbye Pibbles, we wish you our best!  Yes these adorable little puppies are up for adoption today at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you are interested - run do not walk, since they will not be there long!!!



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