Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dog's Day Out for Pibbles

Yesterday was a day of adoption for the adult dogs - YEAH!!!  But the little pit bull puppies I've been fostering were not adopted, so this weekend is Dog's Day Out for the Pibbles.  In the last few days they have grown like weeds, so we also had to do some upgrading.  The dog bed we had bought for Vicki came out and dog dishes went from one to three.  Personalities have intensified and these little puppies have become very independent.  They have also learned a few things like - No means no!  Pee Pads are there for a reason - let's try to at least hit that vicinity.

Stripe fell in love with the dog bed.  She was very content just to lay there a good part of the time.  The other part was another story:)  Although, she did spend a ton of one on one watching the football game with my husband.

Rosie is the adventurous one in the trio.  It snowed this morning and she loved going out in the snow - the other two were content staying inside.  She is also the one that is the most interested in treats.  Watch out - she also has a shoe fetish:)

Freckles is still the favorite.  She loves giving kisses, but watch out after about 20 seconds the kisses turn into little nips - ouch!!!  And don't blame her for anything within earshot of my husband:)

If you are looking for a pibble, you need to run to the Bangor Humane Society.  These little girls are a bundle of fun and will be a great addition to any family.  To visit them, go to the Bangor Humane Society!

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  1. I just love this blog and love the stories of the dogs you foster. These latest puppies are pulling my heart strings, for sure. Thank you for sharing your stories and photos with us! I search the Humane Society dogs every day trying to find the perfect addition to our family...maybe one of these pups is "the one"?