Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sheila Goes for a Swim

What a great day I had on my second day participating in Dog's Day Out!!!  If you didn't read about my first day out, check it out on a previous post.  Now for today's adventure.
A hike in the woods and along the river bank was great fun.  I love an adventure even though I am very timid about leading the way.  I am always ahead, but I always make sure the Mrs. is following close behind.  I did get a little too brave at one point.  While leaning over the riverbank (maybe a little too far) and looking into the river - splat.  Head first, in I went.  Water up my nose.  Water in my eyes.  I did not like this.  But, yes I can swim!!!  On the hike back to the car, I stayed away from that riverbank.  I was not going to be sucked in again.

Back at the house, was time for a little training.  Do I know Sit - yes.  Do I know Stay - yes.  Do I know Down - no.  I am hoping to find a family that has time to teach me all of these commands and then give me a treat afterwards.  I do love treats and I do love attention, so I'm sure I would be easy to train. 

FYI - in the house, I am very well behaved.  Never getting on the furniture or getting into things that are not for dogs.  I like toys, but I get distracted very easily. 

Car ride back went well - the windows were partially opened, so I just kept biting at the wind.  Remember, I am a puppy and puppies like to play with whatever comes along.

To learn more about me contact the Bangor Humane Society.

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