Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Sleepover for Cuda!

This is the second post about Cuda.  See below, to see how he did participating on his first day out.

Since I was such a great dog yesterday, I was selected for a sleepover. 

Staying at the Littlefield home has become quite an adventure.  You see, I do have a bit of herding in my genes (I think my ancesters were the sitting at the edge of the field watch dogs - not the nipping at the heels sort of dog) and the Littlefields have a tendency of not staying in one spot very long.  So if the Mr was upstairs in his office and the Mrs was downstairs in her office, I had to quietly go from the foot of the stairs lay down for a few and then go to the door of her office and lay for a few.  Back and forth, back and forth until she decided to cook and he decided to watch the game.  At that time, I settled into a room where I could keep an eye on both.

We started the afternoon with a walk in the City Forest.  There were more people today and a few more dogs, but remember these are things that don't excite me.

I did get left in the car for quite a bit while the Mrs did a little grocery shopping.  Obviously, she forgot it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  She also forgot that she left my bag of food right under my nose.  It was tied up, so I knew that I should not have gotten into it - and I didn't.

I will let you know that I do not beg - even a little.  I do like my treats and will take them gently.  Remember, if you want I will sit and give a big high-five.

PetFinder said that I was allowed to sleep on the furniture in my previous home.  I will say this, I will not climb on your furniture unless you give me the thumbs up.  Even then, I prefer it if you sit with me.  Oh yeah and a belly rub at that time wouldn't hurt my feelings.

If you are looking for a really well behave dog, I could be the dog for you.  For now, I am off to find out about the sleeping portion of the date.  I do hope the Littlefields sleep in the same bed, it will make my herding job alot easier.

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