Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving for Cuda!!!

This is the third post for Cuda.  See below posts to see how he did on his first two days.

I will say the sleepover last night was great, but being left alone for Thanksgiving afternoon was not!!!  I had a little bit of anxiety and I don't know what set me off.  By the looks of things, I must have run from room to room tearing at the shades.  I've been left alone at the Littlefields for a morning in the past with only a peek out one shade in which I left a little wrinkle - oops.  This time things got a bit out of control and it was more than a wrinkle and more than one shade.  It might have been both of them leaving together as if they were going to a party - I think I would have liked going along.  It also might have been that it got dark and they forgot to leave the lights on.  Whatever the reason - I'm sorry:(

The Littlefields were planning on spoiling me with rawhide treats and a big bone from Petco.  These are things that do not interest me.  You see, I do have a bit of a deformity.  I have a major overbite which prevents my top teeth from meeting my bottom teeth.  I almost look like one of those cartoon characters of the talking dogs.  I do love treats in which the whole thing will fit in my mouth, but the rawhide and bone will need to be saved for another dog.

As a reminder, with the exception of my little accident today, I am a great dog who is very laid back!!!  If you are looking for such a dog, come and visit me at the Bangor Humane Society.  If you catch me barking while in my kennel, I'm just saying "Get me outta here".

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