Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day Out for Jax!!!

You may remember me hanging out at the Bangor Humane Society a few months ago - back then my name was Cadbury.  Well I'm back here again due to the fact that the folks who adopted me were both teachers.  Our summer was spectacular, but once school started it was determined that I have a bit of separation anxiety - well maybe more then a little.  So if you are the type who hangs out at home or you could take a dog to work with you - I may be just the dog for you!!! 

Today we went for a walk in the Bangor City Forest.  I love smells, people, children and affection.  Today consisted of all of these.  I walk very well on leash - only pulling if I saw a dog that looked like he might want to meet me.  Most of the time I was asked to sit and bribed with a treat - and yes I obeyed:)

I will say while on our walk I found the smells very distracting.  I actually had to be coaxed along at times, because otherwise we could have ended up there until dark.  If you wanted a dog to run with, I may be that dog because once I'm running we are just flying by those nice smells.  But walks turn into strolls; which turn into lingering over all those smells.

We did meet up with children who were very interested in patting me.  That was great!!!  They asked the Mrs if I could shake paws - boy was she surprised when I raised my paw up for them.  Oh and by the way I did expect a treat for this performance:)  I love treats more then anything and I will say I love most things!

The afternoon ended with the Mrs and me just hanging out in the field enjoying our last few minutes together.  Did I mention that she loves hugs as much as I do - especially those from a pit as affectionate as I am.  I know I will be one of those special dogs that will always have a place in her heart. 

Well I am back at the Bangor Humane Society just waiting for the perfect home.  The folks here all love me too and are really crossing their fingers that I am out of here sooner then later.

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