Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dog's Day Out for Sunny

I was the first dog to participate in Dog's Day Out today and I loved it.  I am a female beagle / dachshund mix who loves people.  I am very social and that is one reason I was surrendered by my previous owners.  They thought it was perfectly okay to leave a dog like me outside by myself.  I didn't think so and did more then my share of barking to let them know this. 

Our first stop was a quick trip to the Littlefield's home.  Did I say that I liked people more then I like dogs.  On the other hand, the Littlefield's dog Lola likes dogs who prefer her over people - mainly her owners.  Well that being said, we didn't see eye to eye so our visit was cut short. 

Next stop - Bangor City Forest!!!  I think I love smells as mush as I love people.  The walk was great, no pulling for me.  We met other dogs and I didn't appear to keen on these encounters.  But I will say meeting other people of all types was something I enjoyed.  I was very well behaved - never jumping. 

At one point we met a little boy who was full of hugs - this was great!!!  I truly love children and I really love hugs.  My profile at the Bangor Humane Society says that I get along with kids, cats and dogs.  My experiences with dogs today might be due to the fact that I wasn't feeling quite up to par.  You see I was fixed yesterday and I may have not been in the mood to run and play with other dogs.

On the way back to the shelter, I took the opportunity to stretch out in the front seat using the console for my head rest.  Oh one last thing - I love car rides.  So if you are looking for a small dog with short legs, who loves to go for walks and smell all the good smells, who loves to go for car rides, who loves hugs especially from children - I could be the dog for you.  I am hanging out in the small dog room at the Bangor Humane Society or check me out on PetFinder


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