Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo Shoot for Harley

Today was the day for me to get my photo done for PetFinder and I will say this "I do not like cameras and I do not like having my photo taken!"  You wouldn't know it by the looks of the photos on this blog, but you should have seen those that were not published - not good:(

We went to the Bangor City Forest and did a bit of walking prior to the camera being brought out.  I am very STRONG, so my advice for you is to invest in a harness.  I do not pull unless I see something I want and then I just pull very hard - not out of control  pulling such as a lab, just very deliberate.  This being said, our walk today was cut short since the Mrs did not have a harness.  I know with a harness things would have been different.

A little about me - I am a friendly nine year old pitbull who was surrendered because my family was having some issues and didn't have a place for me to live.  I am really not happy about being here at the shelter and am anxious to find my next forever home.  This week I was seclected to appear on  Channel 5's Pet of the Week.  If you watch this, you will note that I am very stressed in front of the camera. 

One last thing - car rides are great, but I would love to be one of those irresponsible dogs and hang out the window - like with my body half out!  The Mrs put a stop to this immediately:(, but I did enjoy the ride even though.  Well back at the shelter and I am patiently waiting for my forever home!

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