Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Down, Two to Go!!!

On Sunday one of the staff members at the Bangor Humane Society took Sunny to the WeinerFest.  She had a spendid time and got to show her stuff.  Good news was that she met her new owners there!  Yes, that's right - Sunny is no longer available for adoption.

I, Jax, on the other hand am still hanging out waiting for somebody to come in and fall in love with me!!!  Today was pretty special.  Two volunteers came in to walk dogs prior to the doors to the shelter being closed for the night and you guessed it - they both picked me.  The second one did not realize that I had already been out, but I think secretly she would have taken me any ways.  It was the Mrs and I know she is madly in love with me.  We played ball - I will retreive and leave it.  We hugged - this is the part she loves and I don't mind it either.  We just ran around and had a grand time.  I think I love people and other dogs - did I mention the other dog I played with through the fence.  As I said, this was a great time.  Now I'm just hanging out waiting for that certain someone. 

By the way - Harley is also hanging out waiting for his forever home!!! 

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