Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well a lots has happened since my day out on August 29th. If you did not read the first post about me yet, you may want to start there and find out all about me.

First of all I've been fixed (even though I wasn't broken) - I will no longer be responsible for the over-population of my breed. Yeah - no more puppies for me!!! A few days later I ripped out my stitches, which means I am now wearing a cone. Not fun!!!

What was fun was an overnight at the Littlefield's. Remember, I have never attempted to get on the furniture, so they bought me my very own bed. My thoughts are the blanket was just fine and they should have spent the money on more toys. When the Littlefields decided to call it a night, they told me to "Stay" downstairs on my new bed - and I did:)

The next morning included a trip to Petco for TOYS!!! While there we met another dog and that was pretty cool. Was I on my best behavior??? Yes, with the exception of tearing the toy up before we got out of the store. I couldn't help it - I was just so excited.

Because I am the best dog, I was selected as the representative for Bangor Humane Society at the Arts in the Garden event. I was displaying my best manners until I saw the Littlefields, then my excitement took over!!! My thoughts were maybe going home with them and not back to the shelter.

The Littlefields are wondering what happened to my previous owners - I was picked up as a stray in Hudson. Somebody spent a ton of time training me and it's obvious that I lived in a structured household where I was part of the family. It's the little things like when we went to the drive through teller at the bank and I knew there would be a treat for me. Well, just to let you know I would love to be part of a family again - maybe it could be yours.  To find out more about me check out this link or come and visit me at the Bangor Humane Society.

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