Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Day Out for Kody

Today was my second day participating in Dog's Day Out and what a great day it was.  The only problem was my barking -  you have to remember that I am a beagle and beagles do bark!!!

First stop was the Bangor City Forest and I barked!!!  I couldn't help it and  I wanted to let the world know I was free!!!  There were people - "Hey look at me, I'm Kody" and other dogs - "Hey look at me, want to be my friend".  Seems Sunday morning is a time for quiet walks and I wasn't being quiet, so we had to leave before we were asked to leave:).

That's okay with me.  I love going to the Littlefield home.  They usually tie me to a very long lead so I can come and go to my hearts delight.  Did I bark???  No - there was no one to bark to.  The Littlefields already know who I am and that I'm a great dog.  I did bark when I saw that cat come into the yard "Hi I'm Kody and I'm having a blast here" or the squirrel in the bird feeder "Hi I'm Kody and you are not supposed to be up there", but other then that - no barking for me!!!

Remember my last visit when I didn't know the command "Drop it" with my toys.  Well, now I do.  I love toys very much and also love to play toss with them. 

At lunch time, they decided to eat right in front of me.  They gave me a piece of rawhide to keep me busy, but I can't be bribed.  I just sat at a distance and watched - no begging for me. 

To end the day, another visit to the City Forest.  By this time I had settled down and left the barking behind.  We went on a trail through the woods and that was great - I love all the smells of the forest.  When we returned to the trail that most people take, I barked some at just a few folks - others I did not bark at.  The best was in the parking lot when a family wanted to pet me.  That was great and there was no barking for me until a dog interrupted our visit "Hey can't you see I'm busy".  Oh by the way, I did get along fine with all the dogs we met - very small ones and very large ones.

Back at the shelter for me and now I am acting like a grouchy old man!!!  Why wouldn't I - I hate it here!!!  If you're interested in adopting a nice little beagle like me, contact the Bangor Humane Society today or check me out at 

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